"I bath my kids twice a day!"
Parent24 readers share their thoughts on how often you should bath your kids.

According to a recent article published on Parent24 called  Daily baths not a must for kids where a dermatologist advises that kids under the age of 11 are fine with two to three baths a week.

Here's what some of our readers had to say:

At least twice a day!

Firstly OMG !!!

I cannot fathom the idea of not bathing my baby for a day yet alone several. 

I bath both my girls twice or thrice a day depending on activities but twice is minimum. 


I don't feel comfortable not bathing every day

I must admit that my kids loved their baths, especially in the evenings as it helped them to relax before bedtime. I was brought up to bath or shower every day and my kids did the same and still enjoy their daily ritual. I don't feel comfortable with the idea of not bathing every day, what would their spouses think of this one day when they're adults and married! It's definitely not for me. 

- Leigh

SA is a water-stressed country

A further consideration for South Africans is that we are a water-stressed country, so to save water:

  1. rather take a shower than a bath, or re-use your bath water if multiple members of the family bath each day and;
  2. kids, and even adults depending on physical activity levels, don't have to shower/bath every day.

- Andrew

We should be saving water anyway


I'm not the type to really give feedback often but i feel this is a good topic especially given the fact that we are so close to water shedding.
Sure kids feel fresh after a bath but really, with water becoming a luxury it makes no sense to deem it so very incumbent.

I explain to my kids about how we need to save water and yes, hygiene is important so face, hands n feet must be washed more than once a day. 

Maybe u should ask yourself when water gets restricted what will u do? Rather wash out your veg and meat for cooking and eating or bath your kids for the second or third time (or more) in the week?

- Humz
What do you think? Should kids bath every day? Is it okay to skip a day every now and then? Send us your thoughts to chatback@parent24.com

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