Our readers respond to YDE's sexy store ads
See how our readers feel about sexy store ads in public spaces.

Last week we published a story titled "Provocative store ads: should retailers practise more caution?" where we reported the uproar in the parenting community surrounding YDE's controversial Naked Sale campaign.

We asked parents if retailers, advertisers and marketing departments should be more aware of the surroundings in which they display their content or should they be allowed to run campaigns of this nature, leaving parents to explain it to their children?

Here are some of the responses we got:

No one complains about David

In this modern era, there is a minority who cling to “old world” philosophies whilst still wanting to move in an ever-changing world – much like trying to board a moving train but still keeping one foot on terra firma. Just not gonna happen!

Young parents should take a leaf out of Grandpa’s book and bring up their children with decent morals and a solid grounding on what is socially acceptable. Then guide them through the modern pitfalls with open and frank discussions when they have dilemmas. Then we won’t have to worry about provocative but very clever advertising — that IS WORKING — in public places.

I don’t see and have never seen complaints about the statue “David” by Michaelangelo.

- Kevin Davis

Not acceptable

I will definitely not stand by and accept their lame excuses to advertise soft porn. Nudity is not acceptable in this county. 

- Rashieda

YDE's response was disingenuous

No. Why leaving parents to explain it to their children makes no sense:

  • What would you explain? “That’s a woman’s naked butt. You shouldn't look at it or think about it while you’re young.”
  • Children go to malls on their own or separate from their parents at malls.
  • Many parents are too passive to explain it – have a look at faces in malls… some extras for zombie movies walking around.
  • Why not expose our kids to anything (violence, sex, etc) and “just explain it”.

 I’ve been increasingly annoyed at the soft porn at our shopping malls.

YDE’s response to the complainant on Facebook was disingenuous (or, if it was sincere, was written by someone at no risk of being confused with a genius). YDE supposedly understand the issue as having caused offence. The complainant made it obvious they don’t blush at nakedness – they disapprove of exposing children to nudity. The issue is what children see and how this impacts them, not offending sensitive viewers. Disgraceful.

- Peter Waller

Malls should be conscious of what is displayed 

I was very disturbed by the adverts. Malls should be conscious of what they allow to be displayed and retailers must take responsibility. those ads gave an impression that the chain of stores is run buy people with low moral standards. I was totally put off and dont have much of an appetite to buy from YDE.

- Anonymous

Why must society be so sexualised?

With reference to your useful article on YDEs sale images, I would support the ASA ruling. Parents should be able to move in a public space with small kids without being confronted with images that they do not wish their young kids to see.

Young kids do not have tools to understand why such images would be part of commerce and in most instances such topics are still on the horizon in terms of that family's parenting. It is further deeply offensive to a great number of faith based groups across racial lines. An online ad with a warning is an easy solution.

Where is it written that society must increasingly become sexualized? And where is the proof that this is positive for society and for children?


What are your thoughts on this topic? Do you have any response to these readers? If so send us an email to chatback@parent24.com and we could include them in this article.

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