Parents respond to spanking debacle
Is spanking ever okay?

In a recent article we discussed the news of a Cape Town church which was ordered to stop advocating smacking children as a form of discipline. 

Read here: Is spanking ever okay?

While corporal and physical punishment is a highly controversial topic, we asked our Facebook parents for their views on the matter: 

"SA government members are the last people on earth I will ask for parenting advise....if ever! There is a huge difference between spanking and child abuse. I know the difference all too well! My son gets a spanking only when really necessary. He is well behaved, has excellent manners and treats people with respect! More than I could say for his peers who are raised without discipline & spanking!" -Janet van der Vyver

"Hitting is NOT okay...ever! We have to lead by example. We have to teach our children to deal with conflict the way we would like them to deal with conflict when we are not around. In a calm rational manner. And if all else fails then change what you are doing as a parent. You need to adjust to your child's needs, not let your child adjust to your needs. Children did not ask to be here, each and every parent out there is responsible for bringing that little life into this harsh world. Take responsibility and raise a balanced child instead of one that needs to recover from their childhood." -Caledon Business Directory

"I spank, at times, and other times its a "time out". To raise your child with psychology can be good but psychological damage can be way worse than physical damage. You can see in adults if parents didn't spank..." -Monique Schrade Swanepoel 

" I don't like smacking breaks my heart I avoid it at all cost. However I'm not against it and have given an occasional tap on the bum, but only as a last resort." -Sharlene Collins

"The reason we have so many disrespectful kids (ask any teacher) is because there is no more corporal punishment in schools." -Louise Barnard

"Don't believe in it at all. Talking and explaining why it is bad is the way to go."-Megan Engelbrecht

"It's wrong. No excuses. No 'well I was spanked and I turned okay' nonsense. Okay, so now you want to hit your kids as well!? Guess what? I wasn't spanked, and I turned out OK too! Main difference I think is that now that I'm a parent, I look for other ways to teach and grow my kids. You don't HAVE to hurt, shame, shock or otherwise upset your child to raise them as decent human beings. Why on earth then would you choose to do so?!" -Louisa Fisher

"Oh for goodness sake people spanking is NOT abuse. Please get this right. The parents that do spank dont abuse their kids. Its a matter of choice to spank or not and I believe that a good hiding is never a bad idea when it's needed." -Ilane Kruger

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