The reason for 'kids these days'
Why are kids today so different?

Not much time passes by without someone commenting on how the youth of today has changed. But do all parents and older generations take enough time to understand why?

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Kids these days are different because:  

They're exposed to much more

They're developing at a rate that keeps pace with society. Social media allows them to see and learn things at a much younger age. By the age of ten they’ve learnt nearly everything you knew in your 20s and there’s nothing you can do about it. Understand it, accept it and embrace it.  

They think differently

Not only do they dream big, they're able to turn those dreams into reality at a much faster pace with an unlimited amount of tools and resources. Encourage that. Get with the programme and make an effort to understand their interests and dreams before you’re left behind with all the other parents who struggle to relate to their kids. Your child could be the next Mark Zuckerberg and you’ll want to understand their journey to success.

The divorce rate is higher

Kids these days are different because the divorce rate is higher and they’re learning to look after themselves at a much younger age while their parents argue over money or blame each other for what went wrong in the family.

You're not paying attention

Their behaviours are governed by the way you as a parent interact with them. Every time you say “hang on, I’m just busy with something” that isn’t really important or you talk badly about someone or you ignore your child’s next bright idea because you’re too exhausted to take it all in, your child reacts to that. They might not show it right away but your child will reflect on that behaviour somewhere down the line.

Expression has changed  

They days don’t behave the way you did when you were younger. Yes, manners, courtesy and respect are values that should be upheld at home and at school, but your child also needs to voice his/her opinion and express when something is making them unhappy or uncomfortable. You need to pay attention when they react to their feelings in way that is inappropriate and understand when their reaction is warranted. Teach them to know the difference.

Parents don't make time

Parents don’t have enough time to listen, to understand and to set examples and these are the parents who resort to old fashioned and outdated ways of parenting that no longer holds any effect.

It's not them it's you

Kids these days are different because you’re different. Teachers, world leaders, celebrity role models and your child’s friends are moulding the way in which your child sees his/her future and you as a parent needs to stay true to the values you hold and find a way to relate them to your child.   

Change is inevitable and change is scary, but not as scary as staying the same. 

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