WATCH: Just a reminder from Pantosaurus that what’s in your pants, belongs only to you
Baby Shark is fun and all, but we’ve been sleeping on this catchy song by the NSPCC of one dinosaur’s important message about consent.
"Pants, Pants, Pantosaurus!" (Youtube)

What’s in your pants, belongs only to you…
Your pants cover up your private parts.
Your private parts belong only to you
If someone asks to see, just tell them “no”.
Pants, Pants, Pantosaurus
Pants, Pants, Pantosaurus

We’ve just now discovered the PANTS song and let me tell you, it’s catchier than that Baby Shark.

The song, created by UK children’s charity, the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC), features Pantosaurus, a pants-wearing dinosaur, that wants every child to be safe from sexual abuse. So he shares his important message, without any big, bad, words of course, but through song.

The lyrics are pretty easy to remember because it’s got such a catchy tune, and the word ‘PANTS’ itself is an acronym to remind kids:

P – Privates are private

A – Always remember your body belongs to you

N – No means No

T – Talk about secrets that upset you

S – Speak up, someone can help

Of course, we don’t want to even think about, never mind, have to talk to our kids about sexual abuse. But in the guide below, provided by the NSPCC, they outline not only what to say, but how and when to say it too.

Pants PDF Still

Click here to download.

And we’ve put together a printable of the lyrics to pin up in the bedroom or stick on the fridge.

Pants song lyrics

Click here to download.

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