What does a teacher make?
Take a listen to this amazing response of a teacher after he was asked what he "makes".

Teachers are one of the most important people in your child's life. A good teacher can build your child up and inspire them to great heights. A bad teacher can break them down and cause damage in unseen ways. 

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Teaching is of the hardest working and most underappreciated professions on the planet. There's even an insult that goes: "Those who can't do, teach". 

Here's what teacher and slam-poet Taylor Mali has to say about that. He also addresses the implication that teaching is a inferior profession because of how much (or how little) money they make.

Take a listen to what he has to say in the video below:

I couldn't help but say "Yes!" quite loudly and I had to refrain from clapping as well. Because a thousand times yes to this poem.

The right teacher can do so much for your child. My high school English teacher was the first person to encourage me as a writer. Before that I never entertained the thought of writing for a living but here I am.

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