You or them? What would your kids choose?
Watch what happens when these kids have to choose between getting and receiving a gift.

It's the season of giving (and getting). 

UP TV's project was to find out what children from low income families would rather do: have their favourite toy from their Christmas wishlist, or give it up for a gift for their family. 

Some children are fortunate to be able to receive plenty of gifts from friends and family members. Some are too young to understand the concept of giving and receiving while others simply lack the understanding of what it should really mean.

Even amongst adults the whole idea of giving someone a gift at Christmas has lost its value and has become something that we're expected to do rather than something we really want to do for someone. 

In the video below these kids seem to understand the joy of giving someone a gift. Despite the fact that some of them come from families who can't afford the sorts of gifts placed in front of them, they opt for giving their families a gift instead...and the outcome is totally worth it!   

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