5 tips for buying your child toys this holiday season
Believe it or not, Christmas is fast approaching and parents will be spoiling their kids with toys to keep them entertained during the holidays. Here are ways to choose the right toy for your little one.

1. Less command, more creativity

These days kids' toys are more technologically advanced and can do anything with a click of a button. This Christmas, make a difference in your child’s life and get them toys that will stimulate their creative side. Much like Terry Pheto and Mampho Brescia’s business Let’s Learn Toys was motivated by what children can learn from toys. Rather opt for puzzles as opposed to a game console.

2. Can other children use it?

Teaching your child the art of sharing can be difficult. Author and psychologist Dr Art Markman mentions on Psychology Today that the only way to succeed at this is if your child is faced with a tough choice to make. It could be having to decide between sharing his only ball with another sad child or keeping it for himself. The same theory applies to when shopping for a toy: ensure it’s something that’ll help your child adapt easily to sharing, like a board game.

3. Use common sense

The beauty about being a parent is that there’s no right or wrong. You do what you think it’s best for your child. However, this doesn’t in anyway condone recklessness. Be mindful of what effect a certain toy have on your child’s growth. A study published shows that experts believe that parents who are keen on buying toy guns for their offspring should first consider educating them prior to them using it. By so doing, your child will know it’s not right to point a gun at people as this could potentially harm them.

4. Keep it simple

As opposed to adults, children are hardly impressed by the price of a gift, they’re just happy to receive something. So don’t go breaking your bank balance for an item that your child will outgrow in a couple of months.

5. Beware

Remember toy manufacturers are driven by sales, so if they have a catchy phrase promising a smarter or bilingual child, chances are they’re just overselling the toy. Read the reviews of the products and ask around before splurging on a toy.

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