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Are fidget spinners safe for your kids?
Independent testing of the must-have toy prompts sensible safety precautions.

Last week, Frankfurt airport customs authorities seized 35 metric tons (35 000 kg) of the trending kids’ gadget, fidget spinners, reports AP. 

The independent testing conducted by Frankfurt customs found that the toy may pose a threat to young children, flagging the possibility of choking since smaller bits of the device may come apart. 

It should be kept in mind that most toys come with these kinds of warnings, so parents are advised to be as sensible with regard to their kids using the spinners as they would with any other toy. 

Considering that these are essentially metal objects with small parts, it may be safer to keep your 3-year-old away from them, while cautioning older kids to steer clear of placing the object in or near their mouths. 

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