"Be a good fart machine today, dad!" – This viral video of the cutest little hype man will make your day
This viral video of one super adorable hype-man will have you laughing and crying at the same time.
Meet the cutest little hype man who really just wants his dad to have the best day at work. (iStock)

Separation anxiety is real! So real, in fact, that even writing about it and not being with the kids right now has me in my feels.

So seeing this viral video of little Declan Greenman, hyping his dad up before work only to realise that he’d actually have to leave him for a good few hours, had us laughing and welling up, at the same time.

“Be a good fart machine today!” Declan told his dad, Jeff, as mom, Heather, recorded. The little boy didn’t mean any disrespect though – he was genuinely trying to be the best hype man he could, wanting his hero to have the best day at work (being a fart machine, of course). But as soon as he realised his dad had left and he forgot to tell him he loved him, the excitement quickly died down and he ran to the door.

“I didn’t say I love my dad.”

“I love my daaad!”

“I love dad!”



“I love you,” he shouted.

Declan ran to his dad, hugged him and started crying.

And instinctively, so did we.


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