Boy who lost his dad to cancer receives hundreds of birthday cards
A young German boy has received hundreds of birthday cards from all around the world.
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A young German boy has received hundreds of birthday cards from all around the world in a phenomenal show of support after tragically losing his dad to cancer.

Justin Bremer received postcards from people around the globe when he celebrated his ninth birthday recently, with local news sites dubbing it a “birthday miracle”.

The youngster from Berlin has had a tough year after his father, Tim, passed away in 2016 after a long battle with lung cancer.

To cheer up the little boy, his mother, Heike (45), wrote a heartfelt message on social media asking people to write a birthday wish to her devastated son. Her touching message went viral and inspired hundreds of people to start sending notes to the little boy.

“I still cannot fully grasp what my call has caused,” Heike says.

To the young lad’s delight, the postman delivered more than 800 birthday cards to the family’s home on his big day.

Heike shared a video on Facebook showing the moment a surprised Justin receives a bag full of birthday cards.

“Even the evening before Justin’s birthday, tears started running down my face. I’m touched and overjoyed that so many people wanted to make my little one happy,” she says. 

When Heike first told her son about the surprise he couldn’t believe his eyes, asking: “Is that all my fan mail?”

The German mom says her son and husband were an “awesome team” and cared deeply for each other. “Tim always cared lovingly about Justin. Even now the little one suddenly starts crying sometimes and says that he wishes that Daddy were still here,” Heike says.

The proud mom also says she received packages including toys, theme park tickets and sweets for his big day, all sent by unknown well-wishers.

And Justin? Well, he spent his birthday playing games and eating loads of cake while reading all of his cards.

Sources: Magazine Features

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