Have you heard of Jelly Bean Day?
Try these jelly bean inspired activities with your children.

Jelly Bean Day is observed annually on the 22nd April, no doubt topping the list of the randomly commemorated.

Presumed to be a mash-up of Turkish delight and Jordan almonds, surprisingly very little is known about the origins of this beloved candy, and even less than that, why and how it was given celebratory status.

But perhaps in this case, the why is not as important as the how.

According to tradition, the day is celebrated by eating as much of the sweets as possible, and inspired by this fun holiday, we put together a list of ways you can enjoy these classic treats.

Jelly Bean Ice Cream


Image with permission from Kavita Favelle

Everybody loves ice cream! And with only 3 ingredients needed, making Jelly Bean Ice Cream is almost as easy as finishing off a bag. No mechanics or churning necessary. 

In its frozen state, jelly beans tend to become much harder and almost toffee-like in texture, and may be too challenging for the very young to consume.

Find the full recipe here.

Sourced from: www.kaveyeats.com

Jelly Bean Bracelets


Image with permission from Artzy Creations

What you'll need

  • Bag of Jelly Beans
  • Jewellery Stretch Cord
  • Needle


Step 1: Cut the elastic cording to about 6″ (15-16cm) in length. Keep it extra long since it’s much easier to trim it to length than to re-string the Jelly Beans.

Step 2: Tie a few knots in the bottom of the cording. Keep the knot an inch or so from the end. This will really help you to tie the bracelet off when you’re done. If you tie the knot right at the end and slide the jelly beans all the way to the knot, you will have a difficult time tying it off.

Step 3: Thread the cording through the needle.  With younger kids, you will probably have to assist them with this, but it’s great hand eye coordination practice for them.

Step 4: Thread the jelly bean through the needle and onto the cording. Younger children under 9 years old will need your help here, get the jelly bean onto the needle for them and they could slide it down onto the cording.

Be sure to use a hard surface (like a tabletop) to help press the bottom of the needle into. A damp paper towel on standby would help with periodically wiping the jelly bean spillage off of the needle.

Step 5: Measure the bracelet on your child’s wrist. Once it is long enough and you have enough jelly beans to wrap around, triple knot the bracelet and trim off the excess.

Sourced from: www.artzycreations.com

Mind the booger in the bag

Jelly bean day

Did you know that Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans, from the children’s cult book series, Harry Potter, is actually available to Muggles? At all curious to know what an earthworm jelly bean tastes like?

Grab a bag, and see how many flavours you can identify – hopefully you won’t end up with the booger or earwax flavoured beans.

NB: These activities are best suited to children age 7 and older. Parental supervision is advised when trying any of the above. 

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