“It’s weird in your hand but good in your mouth”: Here's an honest review of sushi from a few kid experts
Here are some 'expert' opinions on sushi for International Sushi Day!
Hiho Kids just uploaded a video of kids trying sushi for the first time and giving their honest opinions about the Japanese delicacy. (Youtube)

I’m pretty sure that at the thought of eating just about anything raw the kids aren’t going to be jumping for joy. I mean, we can barely get them to indulge in carrot sticks and hummus without a huge sigh and mumble about how they’re not hungry any more. But that is, of course, unless they’ve been introduced to sticky rice and cubes of avocado, neatly packaged with a sliver of salmon and wrapped together in seaweed to make a perfect little sushi parcel!

I mean, we love sushi, surely kids do too? Yes? No? Let’s find out, shall we, with this HiHo Kids video of Kids Trying sushi, which they posted just in time for today’s very important holiday: International Sushi Day!

So if you’re planning on having sushi today for International Sushi Day, here’s some ‘expert’ advice from Hiho Kids ‘experts’ – a sushi 101 if you will:

Tako (on octopus): The “long thing that has so many arms” is too “chewy” – “You chew it forever and like lose your appetite trying to eat it”. 

Ikura (on salmon eggs): Described as “marbles” they “pop in your mouth once you bite it”, which is a good thing. Upon finding out they’re fish eggs though, there were a few concerns. “We want to make the baby fish dead?” and the suggestion we first “leave them and see when they’re going to hatch”.

Uni (on sea urchin): Looks like “dung” and tastes like “a weird type of salmon”. But “it’s weird in your hand but good in your mouth”.

And finally, on wasabi: It looks like avocado, but, it’s really not.

Do your kids love sushi? How did they react to the Japanese delicacy the first time they tried it? Tell us by emailing chatback@parent24.com and we may publish it on the site.

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