Meet the Justice League: these kid superheroes kick butt
“Our weaknesses are what make us strong,” is Josh Rossi’s message as he photographs these brave little kids, fighting illnesses and ailments, who make up the perfect Justice League.

Meet the real Justice League – 6 strong and courageous kids, captured by photographer Josh Rossi, who, despite having various illness and ailments, have triumphed as earth’s real superheroes.

Photographer and dad Josh Rossi went viral in the past for themed shoots with his adorable little girl who he’s dressed up as Belle, in a Beauty and The Beast series, as well as Wonder Woman, after she just became “obsessed” with the superhero after watching the trailer over and over again.

But this led Rossi onto his Justice League series as inspired parents, who happened to have kids with illnesses and ailments, wrote to him and said that oftentimes, kids are our real heroes.

He couldn’t agree more and embarked on a journey to find the strongest and bravest superheroes in all the world.

Some of the kids he photographed included Zaiden, a little boy with ADHD who just loved to run.

His high energy levels often got him into trouble though, and the kids at school stopped inviting him to parties.

But Rossi thought maybe, if his friends saw him as the superhero that he truly was and was always destined to be, they’d be more understanding.

He therefore helped Zaiden turn his weakness into his greatest strength to make him the fastest man alive: The Flash.

Matching the fearlessness with that of another Justice League member, 5-year-old Simon was also captured by Rossi. Simon finds the strength every day to combat his neuroblastoma – a rare form of cancer that develops in and affects his nerve tissue. 

Despite his illness, Simon’s mom describes him as “a quirky strong kid who never complains” – a perfect fit to protect the city of Gotham as the always heroic and valiant Dark Knight: Batman.

Teagan was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome which means that he’s had to undergo numerous surgeries and was so close to even losing his life when, two years ago he was waiting for a heart transplant, as his condition is such that he was literally only born with one half of his heart. Rossi explains:

“Where a healthy kid’s body would warm up naturally, such as in a cool pool on a hot day, Teagan would come out with blue lips and have to be warmed up with blankets or another heat source. Superman grows weak when Kryptonite is near, whereas Teagan cannot regulate temperature because of his half heart.”

Rossi compares Teagan to Clark Kent however, because despite having super strength, even he has a weakness in kryptonite, of course.

Both Clark Kent and Teagan keep fighting every day though, and with Teagan’s latest triumph – getting his feeding tube removed – we totally get why Rossi captured him as the man of steel: Superman.

We absolutely love this series and we are so inspired by Josh Rossi who, let’s be honest, could possibly be the coolest photographer and some sort of, dare I say it, superdad?

To read about the rest of his series and check out the amazing images of the rest of the Justice League series, check out Rossi’s site.

You can also see behind the scenes footage of his work on YouTube.

Watch the video below following his journey to find the strongest and bravest superheroes:

As a writer and photographer myself, let me tell you, it must have been such a dream photographing THE JUSTICE LEAGUE!

What an inspired idea and privilege it was to capture the greatest crime-fighting, disease-crushing and ailment-obliterating team of all time.

We often don’t realise just how strong and courageous our kids are, especially when they are taking on some of the toughest battles anyone could ever expect to face at such a young age.

And it absolutely warms our heart to see them triumph.

So hats off to this superdad.

And to the little kids fighting every day, well, you’re the real superheroes.

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