This seven-year-old can do 400 press-ups in one go
He has heart set on becoming a record-breaking “strongman”.

A seven-year-old boy who can do 400 press-ups at a time has his heart set on becoming a record-breaking “strongman”.

Primary school pupil Musa Turkumbayev, from Aktobe in Kazakhstan, has been working out since he was just three years old.

The youngster can now do more than 400 press-ups in one go without stopping – and can do 1 600 in four sets of 400.

"I started doing lift-ups when I was three, back then I could do it five times,” Musa says. 

"At five I could make 30. There are times my arms get tired, but I’m not giving up because I want to set records, I train every day."

Musa’s proud dad, Ashkat Turkumbayev, said when his son was five he would win arm wrestling championships against eight-year-olds.

Apart from his extraordinary strength, the young lad is an impressive gymnast and confidently manoeuvres his way around the beam and bar.

He trains every day and his coach claims his gymnastic performances at championships are equivalent to that of an adult athlete.

The youngster hopes to get into the Guinness World Records for completing the most press-ups, but he still has some way to go.

The record is currently held by a Brit, Carlton Williams, who performed 2 200 press-ups in an hour in 2015.

A video of Musa showing off his phenomenal press-up technique, as well as walking on his hands on a gymnastics bar, is proving rather popular on social media.

Sources: Magazine Features


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