WATCH: How to create pretty pictures with fluid painting
We're sure the kids have done just about everything there is to occupy themselves after their homework's complete in the week and they've watched all the movies on TV over the weekends. But have they tried fluid painting?
Fluid painting is a fun and creative way to keep the kids entertained this weekend, all the while producing beautiful artwork to decorate the walls of your home. (Parent24)

Ever heard of fluid painting?

Instead of applying paint to canvas with a brush, fluid painting is the technique of pouring runny paint onto your surface and allowing the different colours to flow into one another. This leaves you with an abstract, beautiful canvas, one that you’ll never be able to replicate and reproduce.

So why not encourage the kids to paint outside of the lines for once? All you’ll need is a canvas and paint, and their imagination. Check out our how-to video below and read our tips and tricks to create beautiful fluid paintings.


  • Canvas. This can be an actual canvas, or you can simply use sanded-down wooden offcuts, as we did. You can also use thick cardboard – anything that will give you a smooth and sturdy surface.
  • Different colour paints
  • Paintbrush
  • Water
  • Disposable cup

Tips and tricks

  • Remember to put down a few layers of newspaper or plastic before starting. You’ll have quite a bit of excess paint dripping off your canvas.
  • You can choose any colours you’d like to mix and match – be creative! Metallic colours will give it a beautiful finish.
  • If you’ve got more than one canvas, trying stick them together with double-sided tape or a little sticky tack at the back so that when you pour your paint onto them, they’re lined up. When you take them apart you’ll find that the colours that mixed into each other will carry on from one canvas to the next. This creates a beautiful series that looks wonderful when put up in your little one’s bedroom or even the living room.

Give fluid painting a try and send us your pictures of your artwork to

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