WATCH: How to make pretty pressed petals for your picture frame
A quick and easy DIY showing you how to press flowers and incorporate them into a beautiful gift that ends up looking pretty as a picture!
In this DIY video we show you how to make pressed flowers in minutes. (Parent24)

Has your child already made mom and grandma a gorgeous Mother’s Day card?

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quilled heart

What about the gifts? 

If not, and the kids want to make something fun for mom on their own, we’ve put together a little video showing them how to press flowers and incorporate them into a beautiful gift. So say good bye to the conventional flowers – here’s our pretty pressed petals picture frame:


  • Flowers
  • Cardboard
  • Heavy books
  • Picture frame
  • Glass of a second picture frame
  • Glue

Tips and tricks:

  • Make sure you use different types of flowers. Thicker, sturdier flowers and plants are easier and quicker to dry. Flowers with thinner petals are a little more tricky because they tend to have a lot of moisture which will make them stick to your cardboard. They look beautiful in your frame though because they become translucent. Because they’re very delicate, be gentle with them. Using tweezers could help so they don't break.
  • Pressing flowers usually takes at least a week but they do produce the best results. Here’s a hack for you though: place the flowers into a heavy book as you usually would and place it into the microwave. Microwave it 4 or 5 times in 30-second bursts, with a short interval in-between. This will dry it out in a matter of minutes!
  • Make sure the glue you’re using dries clear. Only use a very little bit or it will show through when your frame is held up in the light. If you can’t find glue, little pieces of double-sided tape is a good alternative.

Try making these picture frames and pressed flowers and send us pictures of your artwork to

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