WATCH: Remember this paddabekkie/quackie/paper origami game? What did you call it?
Here’s a throwback for you: Remember this paper fortune teller game? What did you call it? And are the kids still playing it? If not, let them watch this video. They too should experience the joy of anxiously awaiting the answer to the questions, ‘What does my future hold?’ and ‘Does Billy really like me?’.
What did you call this paper game growing up? (Parent24)

Paddabekkie, quackie, paper fortune teller – these are all the names we managed to come up with for this game we remember spending hours making and playing when we were young. Because growing up, before Facebook quizzes and even magazine horoscopes, this was the only way to actually know and accurately determine what the future held. 

We just can’t seem to remember exactly what it is formally called. Can you? What did you call it? And what are the kids calling it? Because they’re still playing it today.

But just in case they haven’t already discovered the joy of wholly putting their faith in this paper fortune teller, here’s a throwback for you and a quick DIY for them.

Did you play this game when you were younger? What did you call it? Tell us by emailing

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