WATCH: 'We didn't know how much this was really affecting our kids until this happened'
Mom captures the exact moment her son could finally hug his beloved cousin after months of social distancing, and it's the most touching thing you'll see today.
"The world needed some love, and I think they provided it." (Amber Collins/Facebook)

A touching video capturing the first time US-based cousins Hucky and Rozzie could share a hug after months of social distancing has left the internet in mushy bits. 

"They're more like brother and sister," says mom Amber Collins, who recorded the sweet moment between her son and his beloved cousin. 

The viral video shows the two excited kids standing apart, and after being prompted by Amber, they embrace so hard that you can actually hear a thud, and seconds after, the two start crying. 

"When I heard the first boo-hoo from Hucky, oh my gosh," Amber says, adding that even bystanders who observed the hug started crying. "We did not expect them to react that way at all, but it was so heartwarming."

Of the video, Amber says that the family is going to treasure it "for years to come." 

"The world needed some love, and I think they provided it."

Watch the heartwarming video below: 


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