WATCH: Wheelchair-bound dating doctor answers children's awkward questions with a smile
"... a lot of things that might be more challenging for me to do, I think I get to enjoy them more because it's more of a journey to get there.” Amin Lakhani candidly answers kids' questions about living with muscular dystrophy.
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The innocent honesty of children is an endearing quality that is sadly lost as we grow up.

Their curiosity is as unfiltered as it is unprejudiced. Couple this with the open vulnerability of someone like Amin Lakhani, and the result is this video by  

Amin is a dating coach who lives with muscular dystrophy, a term used to describe a range of genetic disorders causing the on-going deterioration of the body's muscle mass, rendering sufferers unable to walk.

Here Amin answers the kinds of questions that grown-ups wouldn’t dare ask but may have wondered about.

From morning routine, going to the bathroom, wheel chair perks and dating, the inspiring Amien proves that disability does not mean disempowered. 

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