Why is Thor wearing nail polish?
Marvel's Norse god is to don the varnish for the entire month of October, but the reason behind it is exceptionally profound.

Chris Hemsworth is probably more well known for his character Thor in popular Marvel movies. And, of course, some may know him as a wonderful husband and father.

We now look at him in a completely different light as he joins many others in a campaign to end violence against children.

The actor made the announcement on his Instagram account earlier this week.

When captioning the image, he mentions that one in five children fall victim to physical and/or sexual violence before they turn 18. And that this is one too many.

He continues and states that for the month of October, he will be painting one of his fingernails as a symbol of the statistic and to raise funds and awareness to end violence against children.

The campaign, Polished Man, is an initiative of the non-profit organisation YGAP. The CEO of YGAP, Elliot Costello, started the initiative when he met a little girl during his travels.

When Costello was about to leave the little girl, she drew a heart on his hand and painted his nails. But Costello only heard the little girl's story the following day and just how terribly riddled it was with violence and abuse.

Later Costell learned that one in five children will suffer abuse and/or violence before the age of 18.

He subsequently established The Polished Man campaign.

The campaign does not aim to be discriminatory when it uses male ambassadors such as Chris Hemsworth along with many other male celebrities. It is explained that males are responsible for 90% of the offences, but they're not pointing any fingers. They want men to lead the way to making a change in the lives of many children. 

The money raised through the campaign goes into trauma recovery and prevention, along with a few foundations dedicated to the wellbeing of children.

It seems that Chris is a doting dad of three, who really loves kids. It's no wonder he's joined many people in promoting this cause, raising funds and awareness.

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