10 reasons I love being a single dad
Marlon shares 10 advantages to being a single dad.
 I enjoyed reading Tracy Engelbrecht’s 10 reasons I love being a single mom, and naturally it made me think of the advantages of being a single dad, which of-course I need to share with you.

So here goes… I must caution single dads though, that your kids will have a naturally stronger bond with their mother while they’re young. As they get older and are able to assert themselves, they will make informed choices.

1.    Because of my proven interest in my kids, I am consulted about everything they do, and decisions are made in the best interest of the kids, without emotion or personal agendas. Note guys, proven interest. Women will make you jump through hoops until they’re sure you can handle it.

2.    My relationships with my daughters are intense and in-depth, with regards to quality time spent together. When I am with them, it’s just them and me, which has resulted in an incredibly strong bond and sense of identity for them.

3.    The proof is in the pudding when they are old enough to decide who they would like to spend time with, outside of visitation days, and they choose you (yes it happens, and it’s not necessarily a bad reflection on Mom).

4.    The father-daughter thing is just as real as the mother-son thing. I honestly prefer having daughters at this stage of my life. They really do think you are the best thing since sliced cheese.

5.    I was acutely embarrassed, yet immensely proud one day when I fetched Hannah from school and all her classmates rushed out to me and screamed at the top of their lungs “Hannah’s daddy, Hannah’s daddy, you’re handsome”. I found out later that Hannah was discussing it with them and it was her instigation.

6.    I have to agree with Tracy on the chocolate for dinner thing – I do it too.

7.    Like Tracy, I cook, clean, darn socks etc, and somehow the girls just naturally join in and want to help all the time.

8.    The bond I have with my girls is a tangible thing, I often have women come up to me and remark on my parenting skills, and sometimes we’re just sitting at a restaurant. Women have an instinct about these things, and needless to say it’s nice when it's affirmed. And as Tracy says, there’s no grumpy mummy around to give you attitude about it. And yes guys, women are drawn to guys who give a damn about their kids.

9.    The hard stuff, like sex and questions like why is the man smiling in the movie when the woman is kneeling in front of him (Ace Ventura Pet Detective), become interesting. Because I am very matter of fact about it,  they seem to accept in the same way. Things only become a big deal if we, as parents, make a big deal about it.

10.    Single parenting, like anything, has pros and cons. I would say the best thing you’ve got going for you as a single parent, is that you have the opportunity to offer your kids a viable, loving, caring alternative, should they need it. In most dual partner relationships, kids often don’t have that choice in a real sense.

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