Here's the latest dumb social media challenge, and why you should warn your teen about it

A video showing three local Pretoria-based boys doing the trending skull breaker challenge has surfaced on the web.


Research shows that your 5 year old is already racially biased. Here's what you can do about it

Researchers in America have been studying the development of racial and ethnic biases in children for a long time.


Tips on how to teach your child independent learning

The human baby is born with an innate curiosity and a seemingly insatiable need to learn. Toddlers and young children seem to find anything and everything interesting and they never run out of questions! Why is that?

Date night

'She took what belonged to me': A reader asks what next, after her husband had an affair

"He gave a seed that belonged to me under the covenant of God, she freely stole like a prowler in the night and took what belonged to me."


'There's a lot of pressure': The Duchess of Cambridge talks life as a parent in her first-ever podcast interview

From pregnancy symptoms and birth to mom guilt, listen to Kate Middleton as she opens up about becoming a mother and why she doesn't recommend parenting advice books for first-time moms and dads in her first podcast interview.


Watch what happens when you try to fit a baby seat into a convertible

Sure, you may not be able to party like you used to, and yes, your time is definitely not entirely your own anymore, but it turns out, there is one way to steer clear of being a 'basic' parent: your ride.

Family fun

WATCH: This video of Prince Harry fighting with Princess Beatrice is adorable

You have to watch this throwback video featuring a preschool aged looking Prince Harry and his toddler cousin, Princess Beatrice engaging in a friendly fight.


'You think life as a stay at home mom is bad? Try being a working single mom!'

"Of course being a full time mom is hard, heck being a mom is hard. But we choose to do it for the sake of our kids."


A gut instinct for learning: How ‘friendly germs’ shape our children

Like you, I began life as a freshly fertilised egg: just one cell, called a zygote, containing the genetic archives of my ancestors and the forecasts of my future. Then I divided into two, then four, then eight – until I was a tiny round ball of over 100 identical cells.


A day in the life of a stay-at-home dad

"In our situation, it made the most sense for me to stay at home with James." Ever wondered what life is like for a stay-at-home dad? Kevin broke down the basics of a typical day with Elizabeth Mamacos.


'An absolute nightmare': Prince William shares what kind of grandmother Princess Diana would have been

From the photos of Diana they have "round the house" to sharing stories of his mother with his children at bedtime, Prince William says he's "constantly talking about Granny Diana" to his children who never got to meet her.


This teen is sick of being used as content by her blogger mom, so she had "NO PHOTOS" printed on her clothes

In a reddit post she writes, "I am a teenager and my mom is kinda famous on Instagram and blogging. She had a mommy blog all when I was growing up and of course me and my sister were always involved.

Family fun

This real life Elsa decided to 'Let it go'

This real life Elsa decided to 'Let it go' as each snowflake fell from the sky.


'How us working mums do it, I have no idea. But we get it done'

I've screamed , I've nagged and I've begged, and yes - also cried, but kids will be kids and nothing phases them.


Over-parenting teaches children to be entitled – let them fail and learn to be resilient instead

From the anxiously involved helicopter parents to the pushy tiger mums, these differing styles all have one thing in common: they tend to involve over-parenting.


Mom says check on your SAHM friends, because they are not okay

"My house isn’t clean, I’m not clean, the dishes aren’t done, I have screamed already today, I have cried, and I have felt so damn guilty that my child was here to witness it," she writes.


Bent, but not broken: A local mom shares her touching story of coming to terms with having a child who has autism

"To parents who recently discovered they have a special needs child: what you are facing is real, and it is hard, but you must know you are not broken... I know now that having an autistic child is not a tragedy, but an opportunity."


WATCH: This touching video of two kids with cancer will warm the coldest heart

This video is still going viral on social media months after it was shared, because it's so touching.


Why this simple act of kindness made such an impression on a local couple

"As per usual we had an audience of stares, but then a female voice behind me asked if my son would perhaps like an ice-cream."

Finance & Legal

Some immigrant children are still being turned away from schools

In spite of assurances from Home Affairs and Basic Education, children without documents are still battling.

Finance & Legal

This graduate believes he has the solution to youth unemployment

Rhodes University graduate, Viwe Potelwa, believes his newly found graduate safety net Finsavvy, is a sustainable solutions for societal problems, especially unemployment in South Africa.


WATCH: The Birds, the Bees and their sexuality on Ask a Parent with Karabo Motsiri

When is the right time for primary school students to learn about sex? Watch as Karabo Motsiri sits down with a psychologist, a teacher and a parent to discuss the complexities surrounding the new sex education curriculum on Ask a Parent.

Finance & Legal

Thinking of changing your child's surname? Here's how

From who is legally allowed to change a child's surname to what documentation you'll need, here's everything you need to know about the process.


Keeping your kids safe in an increasingly violent society

It's something no parent wants to think about, but the reality is that we have to talk to our children about what to do to remain safe, and not just on the streets. Here are a few ways to manage online and real-life risks facing your young ones.


'The challenges are magnified': A single parent's survival guide

"Don’t be scared to ask people you trust for advice." Solid financial and life advice on all aspects of parenting solo from someone whose been there.

Finance & Legal

'He says the reduced amount is non-negotiable': How do I get my ex to pay maintenance from overseas?

Attorney Deborah Di Siena provides some assistance to this mom who's ex-husband has left the country, and is now trying to avoid his commitments.
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