The UK is banning harmful stereotypes in adverts and we’re thrilled (but not too much – wouldn’t want you to think we’re overemotional)

As of Friday, 14 June, the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has banned any and all harmful stereotypes in adverts. Their guideline for ads to avoid includes those with stereotypical personality traits for young girls and boys, and for new moms, ads which "suggests that looking attractive or keeping a home pristine is a priority over other factors such as their emotional wellbeing".


Believe it or not: Chrissy Teigen won't post embarrassing pictures of her kids online

The quirky celeb has revealed her image guidelines around sharing pictures of her family online, and they include not posting embarrassing photos of her children.

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11 kids’ shows that parents won’t hate

With the winter school holidays here, these kids’ shows are guaranteed to keep your little ones occupied while NOT to driving you completely insane.

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Beyoncé broke Bey protocol in order to support her mom's fundraising event by giving her first interview in 6 years!

The famous daughter showed up for her mom in a big way, and mama Tina Knowles-Lawson returned the favour, theming her annual event around Beyonce's upcoming movie, Lion King.


According to this US study, Fortnite is bigger than social media among teens and tweens

Fortnite, The New Social Media? Study reveals that the online video game is now being used as a social media platform among youth in the US.


John Legend encourages dads to be more involved in diaper duty

Dad John legend wants to change the narrative of diaper duty to help dads be more involved in nappy changing.


The understated affection of fathers

Men are often chided by their wives or mothers for not being willing to show more affection to their dads or their sons. Kory Floyd explores the ways in which love is communicated in the relationship between dads and sons.


How to know if your child is addicted to video games and what to do about it

The World Health Organisation has identified gaming disorder as detrimental to mental health, but the condition is expected to affect only 0.003 to 1% of the population who engage in video-gaming activities. Here's how to spot it in your child.


New research confirms involved dads enjoy healthier, happier lives

Paternity leave can increase fathers’ involvement in families, with positive impacts on children, co-parents and the dads themselves. Research has revealed that most fathers (90%, to be exact) feel parenting is their greatest joy.


A day in the life of two dads and their adopted son

Meet Darren and Emanuel, two full-time working dads raising their adopted son in Johannesburg. Here’s a sneak peak into an average weekday for their family.


WATCH: SA men talk to us about their dads, and we're not crying, you are

An "icon" who "exemplified what strength was" – “the greatest person that I knew”. Ahead of Father's Day we spoke to South African men about their dads and how they influenced the fathers they hope to become.


Higher self-esteem for girls, lower levels of machismo for boys: Wits says fathers need to get involved in the first 1000 days of their kids’ lives

When fathers are involved, others benefit too: research shows that father involvement is linked to greater maternal satisfaction and lower rates of maternal depression. And, crucially, positive father engagement is associated with higher educational achievement, higher self-esteem especially among girls, and lower levels of machismo among boys.


Chrissy Teigen talks social media, mom life and why her marriage to John Legend works in recent interview

"There’s nothing that happens that we really feel we can’t post... We don’t want to post pictures of the kids that they may see in ten years and be embarrassed by, but that’s it. We’re not pretending that life is perfect." Chrissy Teigen just took her usual honesty up a few notches.

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'I used to scream and shout, now I speak calmly': Why social grants need to be supplemented by family intervention programmes

Psycho-educational intervention based family programmes, like pilot project Sihleng’imizi in Johannesburg, has proven to be beneficial for disadvantaged families, highlighting the gaps left by social grants.

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Like father, like son: these local celebs are carrying on their father's legacy

Stepping into a great man's shoes is usually unadvised, but these local celebs didn't listen. Inspired by their fathers' passion and talent, they've decided that imitation is indeed the sincerest form of flattery, and it's paid off.

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Watch: Family Guy, The Simpsons and Bob's Burgers compete for the most iconic cartoon family

Take a look at the most unforgettable families from animated TV shows.


Victoria Beckham taught Eva Longoria to be a "creative" mother

"What I love about Victoria is how involved she is with her kids. Something I've learned from her is to be really creative with kids. " Eva Longoria talks child-rearing the Posh way.


Calling your child fatso or chubby does nothing to motivate weight loss says study

In fact, fat shaming is the reason they keep gaining weight.

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John Legend's daughter Luna is not impressed with her dad's singing

John Legend still has not convinced Luna that he is a good singer.


"Only one of us is allowed to freak out at a time" and other priceless advice for couples parenting in their 30s and 40s

"Remember that you've been a team for longer than you've been parents, don't let dirty diapers come in the way of that!" Parenting means mentally shifting from one perspective to another, regardless of age, but parenting after 30 seems to call for an even greater adjustment period.

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Parental alienation has officially been recognised by WHO, but it's been a violation of SA children’s rights since 2005

On 25 May the World Health Organisation officially updated the eleventh International Classification of Diseases (ICD) to include parental alienation. But the very idea of alienating a child from one of their parents has always been in violation of a child's rights in South Africa. We take a deeper look.


National Child Protection Week comes and goes but the impact of childhood trauma endures into adulthood

When the initial environment is unusually tough and unfriendly, then a child’s perception of the world may form around violence, fear, lack of safety and sadness.


Proposed amendments to the Children’s Act: Readers respond

Parents have plenty to say about the current state of adoption in South Africa, and how the proposed changes might impact the already delicate situation. Read these parents' thoughts...

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My childhood Eid

The smells and sights of our favourite day of the year.


Christina Aguilera's number one priority is her children

Even when Christina Aguilera is busiest, she will always put her children first.


New love complicates co-parenting says Kourtney Kardashian

Their relationship has been well-documented and now Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick have opened up about the challenges they've had while adjusting to being co-parents and friends.


Draw three smiley faces on your fingers and spread the love this #WorldFosterDay

Here's how you can make a difference this #WorldFosterDay.
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