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Alicia Keys wants to be the cool stepmom, but should she?

The much-loved singer Alicia Keys has recently been called out for overstepping her parental rights as a stepmom. Here we ask local experts to share what a stepparent's legal rights are in South Africa.

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Unmarried parent? Know your rights

It’s important to know where you stand with South Africa’s Children’s Act, especially if you’re not married. Both parents have certain rights and obligations, and familiarising yourself with the basics could save you a great deal of trouble.


WATCH: This video of Kobe Bryant speaking about his daughter, Gigi, is breaking our hearts

Kobe said when fans asked him in front of Gigi if he would like a son to carry on his basketball legacy, Gigi would personally respond saying, "Oi, I got this!"

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My ex-husband has stopped paying maintenance and now I'm blacklisted. What can I do?

"The magistrate may make an order without requiring you and your husband to appear in court. If your husband doesn’t agree to accept the order, the court will serve a summons on him."


Kate admits she would have welcomed extra support after having Prince George

She opened up about her experience as a new mother in a new town.

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Can a woman be forced to change her children's surname to their father's surname, in customary marriage?

If you do not agree to change the children’s surname, your husband could try to get a court order to allow him to change it, but the courts are generally not willing to overrule the mother unless there is very good reason for it.


'If it offends you, look away' Linda Mtoba on breastfeeding in public

Some go to the extremes of saying that public breastfeeding is public indecency.


Is running the house still 'women's work'? These tips could help balance the load

Historically, women have taken the lead as the ‘project manager’ or leader in the household with men usually passively following instructions to ‘assist’.


'Works every single time': This dad's trick to defusing tantrums is just too good

Watch as one US-based dad pulls off what many parents believe to be the impossible: getting two hysterical, tantrum-throwing toddlers to calm down.

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Eastern Cape High Court declares new school admission policy unconstitutional

Eastern Cape children who were prevented from attending school because they do not have identity documents won an important victory in the Makhanda High Court in December.


Why many children with autism have oral health problems

Having autism does not mean that a child’s teeth and other facial features will be different. But these children are likely to develop oral health problems for a number of reasons.


Letters from a therapist: Things your child’s therapist wishes they could say to you

A child therapist writes a letter to parents about some of the things she wishes she could say to your children.


Houston, we have a bedtime story: Let a real-life astronaut read to your kids - from space

Developed in collaboration with NASA astronaut Alvin Drew and the Space Center Houston to promote reading and STEM education, the idea has grown to include a trove of stories read by both male and female astronauts from on-board the International Space Station!


WATCH: Absent Present Fathers on Ask a Parent with Karabo Motsiri

Not every father who isn't absent in their child's lives is fully present.


Want to do your part to fight gender-based violence? Here's what you can do

The smallest act can go a long way to help people in need.


Being the father I always wanted

When I saw friends of mine with their fathers, it was hard for me; it made me wish to have a father.


WATCH: 'Sexy Dzaddies' talk about postpartum sex on Ask a Parent with Karabo Motsiri

Karabo gets to hear what an expert says about sex after child birth and also what daddies think.


How sharing your children’s private lives online could ruin their future autonomy

The more information companies have about your child, the easier it becomes for them to predict and (attempt to) modify your child’s behaviour later in life.

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I live in South Africa illegally but I have a five-year-old child who is a South African citizen. What can I do to secure my status?

"I have lived in South Africa since 2006, albeit illegally. Since 2012, me and my South African girlfriend have cohabited and we have a five-year-old son. I did a DNA test for Home Affairs to give him my surname. Is there anything I can do to fix my status?"


Local digital expert advises parents how to keep their tweens safe - and we've got two sample phone contracts for you to download

"In one sense, giving tweenagers technology without taking the steps to educate them... is a little like handing over the car keys without a licence," Digital expert, Dean McCoubrey share his top tips for parents whose kids are connected to the web.

Date night

Lawyers call January 'Divorce Month': How to avoid becoming a statistic this year

We've got some solid advice for couples who are looking at each other with less love after a rough holiday together.

Family fun

Four boys, three girls, one pregnancy: The world's first surviving septuplets talk life as living miracles

They've been making headlines since before they were born and now the world's first surviving septuplets are sharing what life is like in a rather unique family of ten.


Parents entitled to take 10 days of paid parental leave annually

A new law has been implemented from the 1st of January 2020 allowing parents to take 10 days of paid parental leave after the birth of their child.


WATCH: Young adult shares what it's like being raised by a parent with Down Syndrome

Sader Issa, a dentistry student from Syria, shares what it's like being raised by a parent with Down Syndrome.


Local cancer survivor shares her miraculous pregnancy journey

"We were so shocked when the doctor told us it is cancer. It was something I had never thought about, because nobody in my family has ever had it."

Finance & Legal

How can a parent avoid paying maintenance?

The duty of maintenance begins when the biological father of the child acknowledges that he is the father


WATCH: Abomama vs Google Dads on Ask a Parent with Karabo Motsiri

"Tiger's don't cry", is a societal belief forced upon young men in an attempt to keep them 'strong'.


Single mom says buying a bigger home to make room for the nanny is the best decision she's made

"When I told her of my plans, the relief she expressed was immense... Flora is a special part of our family." Local mom Lauren says her son's nanny is more than just an employee and buying a bigger home to include her was a no-brainer.
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