'I left Baby Nathi in a fruit box outside the police station': Read Nandi's story here

"The official just laughs. She hasn’t been paying my UIF. I am like family. It’s impossible."

Finance & Legal

Unmarried parent? Know your rights

It’s important to know where you stand with South Africa’s Children’s Act, especially if you’re not married. Both parents have certain rights and obligations, and familiarising yourself with the basics could save you a great deal of trouble.


Carol Ofori talks to Parent24 about hosting SABC's Raising Babies 101

"I am over the moon that the second season of ‘Raising Babies 101’ is here."

Family fun

Create a Covid-19 lockdown time capsule with this free download

For some families keeping track of what has happened, and making a record of the memories for the future, is an important part of getting through the pandemic.

Date night

A local divorce lawyer shares his experience of the Covid-19 lockdown

Lawyers are reporting an increase in divorce applications now that the lockdown regulations have lifted somewhat and it's easier to apply. Parent24 spoke to Shando Theron.


'Thrive not just survive': Educational radio show a supportive resource for SA's parents

The radio drama follows young mothers Luphumzo, Babalwa, and Joyce and the men and women who help and hinder them as they negotiate pregnancy and parenting.


What does it mean to be a father figure?

Themba Ndlovu describes the key qualities a father figure should strive for.

Family fun

All-African life skills series nominated for international animation award

The series of 55 seven-minute episodes is one of the largest animated series created entirely in Africa.


Heartlines study on fatherhood in South Africa: 'It's complicated'

While many children, raised by single mothers, grow up and thrive, for many others the absence of positive and active presence of men in their lives puts them at risk.

Finance & Legal

To the Poor Kid I was back then, thank you for helping me survive

Growing up in scarcity teaches you to value abundance, and to hold on to what you’ve got, in case of a harder tomorrow.


Ten lessons I'm holding on to when the lockdown ends

I'm still not ready to say it was worth it. But I will keep looking for silver linings.

Finance & Legal

Can a pensioner get the child support grant as well as the old age pension?

If you are currently receiving an old-age pension, is it possible to also get the child support grant?


How I coped as a mother and student during the Level 5 lockdown restrictions

"My story is no different from that of other moms. I am a mother who has graduated twice but wants an even brighter future."

Date night

Has the lockdown destroyed your marriage? Here's what to do next

Couples and families are facing the loss of family members, loss of jobs, loss of income, but most of all, says Pedro, loss of our sanity.

Family fun

WATCH | 'My children will very much relate to this': Duchess Catherine talks to fans on Instagram

Duchess Catherine takes to social media to thank fans for participating in her photography initiative, Hold Still.

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WATCH: John Legend and Chrissy Teigen's kids are spoiling their love life

"It depends how much time we have until the kids wake up."

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Old wives tales are great parenting tools, and not all of them are fiction

The use of a tall tale or two is, after all, some of the best arsenal at a parent's disposal.

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Are lockdown divorce applications on the rise? It looks like it

If absence makes the heart grow fonder, what does lockdown do?


Breaking News: 'Employees are people too'

Forced to confront this new and frankly, astonishing reality, managers have expressed shock and horror.

Family fun

Gorgeous photo series showcases Black Girl Magic, and is an inspiration to the youth

"It is time for us to stop waiting on other people to include us and be the change we want to see."

Date night

How to get a DIY divorce in South Africa

A DIY divorce can only occur when both parties are interested in an uncontested divorce.


'Anxious, overworked, ill': Covid-19 pandemic increases unpaid care work for women globally

Due to the pandemic, women are spending more time cooking, cleaning, and caring for their families at the expense of their health, an international survey finds.


Beware of these fake claims about Covid-19 that are circulating on social media

This GroundUp article debunks false claims about Covid-19 that are circulating on social media.

Finance & Legal

How can matric learners without IDs apply to write their final exams?

Here's how matric learners without IDs can go about acquiring one to write their final exams.


'How dare you flush my poo!' and other weird parenting moments

Familiar situations all parents face at some point.
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