Toddler has PTSD after nearly losing his life three times

A little boy has beaten the odds and stunned doctors by beating three deadly illnesses, which left him suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) at the age of just three.


Single dad transforms into Spider-Man to help autistic son

A dad has found the perfect way to help his autistic son calm down by transforming into a superhero.


"I'm sure we have PTSD": Parents of two-year-old girl that survived ovarian cancer make her smile every day

This brave two-year-old girl has had to fight for her life and has been undergoing aggressive chemotherapy after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer.


"Our little trooper": Katherine, the toddler whose skin broke out in blistering rashes

When Katherine was born her body was covered in rash-like pustules that would blister and scab her fragile little body. Parent24 spoke to her dad, Richard, who told us all about her journey and how, eventually, she was diagnosed with the rare disease, incontinentia pigmenti.


Video games that will get your kids thinking critically

Not all games are created equally. Creative lead at Sea Monster and serious gamer, Jade Mathieson, separates the bad from the good when talking video games for your child.


How a New Zealander found his Russian birth parents – and now helps others too

The 2018 FIFA World Cup isn't the only reason this man travelled to the Motherland. Born in Russia and raised in New Zealand Alex Gilbert documented his trip home to find his birth parents and is now helping others to do the same.


Serena Williams: I miss Alexis Olympia when I'm on court!

Serena played in the Wimbledon final this weekend, but admits she misses her baby girl when she's on the court.

Finance & Legal

Unmarried parent? Know your rights

It’s important to know where you stand with South Africa’s Children’s Act, especially if you’re not married. Both parents have certain rights and obligations, and familiarising yourself with the basics could save you a great deal of trouble.


More than 100 different ways your family can reach out this Mandela Day

100 years of Madiba deserves to be celebrated in a special way, and Forgood and SADAG is making it easier than ever with over 100 volunteering opportunities that your family can do from anywhere in the country.

Finance & Legal

Court rules parents can inherit deceased daughter's Facebook account

After their daughter was killed by an underground train, parents of a 15-year-old girl asked Facebook for access to their daughter's data and messages, hoping to shed some light on what may have caused her death. After a long and protracted legal journey, the court today ruled in their favour.

Finance & Legal

This is how much paid paternity leave dads get around the world

With SA's new parental leave bill taking effect soon, we look at how much time papas are getting to spend with their newborns locally and abroad.


6 of Kourtney Kardashian’s parenting rules you might want to enforce in your own home

From limited screen time to abolishing microwaves altogether – here are some of Kourtney Kardashian's rules for her family.

Family fun

From Tales for Adventurous Girls to The Prison Letters of Nelson Mandela: 12 new books for you and the kids

We know the school holidays are just about over, but we've got a round-up of books you, and the kids, are going to want to read.


“There are no gentle ways to fight alcohol addiction”: The mom and wine pairing

In response to our article about how normal the moms and wine pairing has become, and that there's a way gentler than the 12-step programme to get back on track, a reader wrote in to say it's something parents need to overcome, but it's not that easy.


OPINION: Moms and wine, and how we've normalised the two going hand in hand

Natasha Marais shares her thoughts on parenting, drinking and marrying the two, revealing just how destructive this might be for our health.

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"No matter the colour of our skin, we are just plain human beings": Jackson Mthembu and our readers respond to Ma Lina's story

Domestic workers, nannies and minimum wage – after reading Kyla Mills's heart-warming story about the nanny that raised her, Ma Lina, our readers responded with a flood of their own heart-warming stories.


The little secret from Britain that can boost your child's future

Scientific journalist and author, Helen Pearson, explains what we can do to ensure our children are happy and healthy, and the answer is actually simpler than you probably think.


Chrissy Teigen trolls the mommy-shamers about how she held children in photo

Chrissy has been criticised multiple times about her parenting style since she gave birth to her first child Luna.

Finance & Legal

For Ma Lina, and the many other domestic workers who raised us, while their own kids were going to bed without them

Kyla Mills spoke to Parent24 after her Facebook post about Ma Lina, the nanny she grew up with, went viral. But Kyla says she feels awkward because you shouldn't be praised for being decent to people, "especially the people who raised you". This is her response to the minimum wage debate and her heartwarming story about Ma Lina.


Dream Big with Disney on Ice 2018

Disney on Ice is back this year, and with a very important message: to dream big and never give up! Here's everything you need to know about the show, including how to get hold on those tickets.


SA's kids: The good news, the bad news and the ugly news

We know South Africa is a beautiful place, and it's becoming ever more beautiful for many of our kids. But there are still some shocking stats – and we need to address them quickly.

Family fun

Your July holiday survival pack

Everything you need to help you and your kids get the most out of this long winter holiday!


80% of SA's male youth deaths are alcohol-related and drug consumption is twice the world norm

We've gone from 8 787 people admitted for drug treatment in 2016 in SA to 10 047 in 2017. We need to talk about substance abuse this SANCA Drug Awareness Week.


How can I tell if my baby is dehydrated?

Signs to look out for – yes even in winter.

Family fun

PRINTABLE: July holiday planner

Three weeks of holiday, yay! But now to fill the hours... download our July holiday planner, print it out and jot play dates and outings in here.


Simplify your next family trip with these 5 travel apps

Travel apps are two magic words every parent should be embracing before hitting the road for the upcoming winter holidays, here’s a round-up of five apps that’ll make any journey as smooth as possible.

Family fun

10 movies for the kids to watch this school holiday!

They're going to be home for three weeks, parents, movies are in order. Here are a few options from the cinema circuit and home online viewing for the kids.

Family fun

Cold and rainy day indoor activities for the kids

The school holidays are fast approaching but the gloomy, dreary, grey weather, playing outside may not be an option. Instead of messing up the house, here are some activities to make sure the kids stay active and have fun so the holidays are a blast for everyone!
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