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My child's father is threatening to leave the country and not pay maintenance: what are my legal options?

What happens when a non-custodial parent threatens to default on maintenance payments and leave the country?


When doctors and parents disagree on how to treat a sick child the emotional and financial costs can be huge

At the heart of such cases is a breakdown in communication between the clinicians and the family about what is in the child’s best interests – so the law intervenes when relationships fail.


Parenting at my parents' house: We need to talk about the not-so-empty childhood bedrooms

It's no secret that many millennials still live at home, but let's talk about the millennial who has a full time job, still stays in their childhood bedroom and also has a child (or two).


The dangers of overfull landfills on future generations

Over the years, landfills have become one of the easiest and cheapest methods to dispose of unwanted waste. But now landfills in South Africa are getting fuller by the day.


'You just have to try harder': How to recognise a narcissistic parent

The ripple effect of the parental influence becomes that much more complicated when coupled with a mental heath condition like Narcissistic personality disorder. Parent24 spoke with local Psychoanalyst Enzo Sinisi about the condition and its impact on parenting.

Finance & Legal

What happens if a parent stops paying their maintenance order?

Many parents rely on maintenance money to cover the day to day living expenses of their children, but what happens when a parent defaults on the payments?

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Re-framing divorce: Families and their changing shapes

Even if the shape or structure of your family changes how you treat each other, and your values, should remain the same.


Mental health conditions in children: A parent's guide

Many parents tend to blame themselves for their children’s mental health problems however, the reality is that there’s no single definitive cause.


The on and offline risks of sharing selfies

When sharing any kind of image, whether via social media or even text messaging apps with friends, it's best to remind your child of the adage: 'A picture is worth a thousand words'.


Strong family ties during teen years can help ward off depression in later life

Depression is a leading cause of disability and disease for people around the world. It often begins during adolescence, especially for females, may continue or recur in adulthood and tends to become a lifetime chronic health condition.

Finance & Legal

OPINION: Are customary practices exempt from the 'no smacking' ruling?

ConCourt's ruling to ban corporal punishment in the home has been extensively scrutinised from a religious perspective but not much has been mentioned by way of customary law. Here, Advocate Daluxolo Batyi weighs in on the debate.

Finance & Legal

How much maintenance money must a parent pay?

Maintenance includes the day to day living expenses such as the provision of board and lodging, food and clothing and also medical care and schooling.


‘What I’ve learnt from having a child born with Down Syndrome’

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month, so we caught up with a local mom who shares her experiences in raising a child with Down Syndrome. Jess Roberts talks about her son’s initial diagnosis and her decision to have another child.


Is your child often difficult in the car? Here’s a possible reason why…

If your child constantly complains that their car seat is hurting them or making them uncomfortable, it may be best to listen.


Leaving the kids at home while you travel? How to handle the anxiety

“Both parents and children may experience anxiety when separated from each other for periods longer than usual." Yentl Barros talks to a professional about the best way for a parent to handle being separated from a child.


‘Dad isn’t gendered, it’s a title’: How do you tell your kids that you’re transgender?

"My dad is the same as she always was, just happier." A transwoman explains how she told her family that she wanted to live her life as a woman.

Finance & Legal

"I fell pregnant as the result of adultery. Now the biological father ran away. Do I have a right to take him to court for maintenance?"

What does the law say in dealing with maintenance disputes when one father doesn't know the child is not biologically his? Luzanne Kinnear, a legal professional at Law for All, answers our reader's sensitive question.


Gogo knows best: Advice on teaching kids about money

A mother of three and grandmother of ten, she’s been around long enough to know that nothing is mahala, and she comes equipped with more than just stain removal and relationship advice.

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Divorced dads dating: women aren’t always ‘the devil’

"I think everything is a little easier if your new potential partner has had a similar experience." Post-divorce dating advice from a dad who's found happiness again.

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'My father had a second wife, and it was good for me'

This Muslim woman's father practices polygamy, and while it was tough, she says it was a positive experience.


'When my baby poos the right color... OMG winning': Denise Zimba on being a new mom

"I'm not happy with how I look. My body does not feel like mine." Denise Zimba's recent Instagram post is one most new moms could relate to.


WATCH: 'Is it normal for your kids to drive you crazy?' An expert responds

Kids driving you crazy? You're not alone; it's all part of the parenting journey as Family and Parenting Consultant Abi Gold reveals in this episode of The Love Destination Expert Series.


F*ck, Now There Are Two of You launches this week (Warning: Adult language)

The third in the series promises to address "with radical honesty, the family implosion that occurs when a second child arrives", and is aptly titled F*ck, Now There Are Two of You.


Kenya takes next steps to replace children’s homes with family care

Countries across the world – and the continent – are dismantling institutional care and redirecting resources towards family support and strengthening other forms of family-based alternative care.

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How to be a present father after a divorce

For dads who don’t get primary custody, Dad Coach Craig Wilkinson offers the following advice to stay connected and in touch despite not seeing the kids every day.


More moms are going sober, and here’s why…

As we head into Sober October, the Sober Conscious movement is calling final rounds on Mommy’s Wine Time.


YouTube's violation of child privacy laws reinforces the importance of online safety tips like these

Video platform giant YouTube have been fined US$170 million for violating child privacy laws in the US, proving yet again that online safety cannot be stressed enough. Here are a few tips for parents to follow to minimise potential risks.

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'My rude awakening to the modern dating scene': A divorcee's advice

One man is sharing what he's learned since returning to the dating scene after a 34-year marriage.

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How do parents go about setting up a parental plan after a divorce? An expert advises

"Every family is unique, so there is no 'one size fits all' parenting plan that will serve the best interests of your particular situation." Fair Divorce mentor Sinta Ebersohn explains the ins and outs of a post-divorce parental plan.
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