What do you do when someone you love loses a child?

"A friend of mine was in a car accident last week that left both her daughters, ages 7 and 10, on life support and in comas. On Friday her 7-year-old was declared brain dead and they are having her funeral this week… I find myself terrified to talk to her. What can I even say? What do I do?”


Anne Hathaway's self-imposed alcohol ban will have you rethinking your social drinking habits

Would you give up alcohol until your children reach a certain age? Anne Hathaway says yes.


Moms, looking for some downtime? Life hack: Poop like a man

Act like a lady, poop like a man? No seriously, sometimes it's the only downtime you can get.

Date night

Dads, you know what's really sexy? You, doing housework

This dad posted images of himself posing oh-so-seductively while doing chores... and we are in stitches.


Would you get a preventive double mastectomy? Celeb mom Nina Garcia opens up

Did you get a preventive double mastectomy or are you thinking about getting one? Email and tell us your story or vote below.

Finance & Legal

Unmarried parent? Know your rights

It’s important to know where you stand with South Africa’s Children’s Act, especially if you’re not married. Both parents have certain rights and obligations, and familiarising yourself with the basics could save you a great deal of trouble.


Why is it okay for my spouse to want another kid, but not for me to NOT want one?

Remember, there are so many things to consider before bringing life into this world, and they're ALL more important than granny, grandpa and society's expectations of how many kids you should have.

Date night

Remarried with kids: This is how you can perfectly blend your families

Here are a few challenges some blended families may experience, and how to address them.


Cardi B on her postnatal depression: “Out of nowhere, the world was heavy on my shoulders”

“I thought I was going to avoid it. When I gave birth, the doctor told me about postpartum, and I was like, ‘Well, I’m doing good right now, I don’t think that’s going to happen.’ But out of nowhere, the world was heavy on my shoulders.”


Solo moms: When dad works far away

Parenthood is hard, full-stop. But, what if you find yourself in a long-distance relationship with a child involved? Relationship psychologist weighs in...


"We spell love l. o. v. e but children spell love t. i. m. e."

How one dad's post proves that small seemingly insignificant moments can mean the world to children – and the family.

Family fun

Latest birthday craze: 3D jelly cakes! This creative mom is slaying these crafted confections

A Sydney-based mom is showcasing the incredible beauty of a popular South-East Asian cake practice, and they're unlike any cake you've ever seen.


"It’s just plastic everywhere you look, and we are to blame for this"

A word from a reader who has definitely had enough of the plastic waste.


Innovative New York law now requires baby-changing tables in men's' public toilets

New York leads the way for equal parenting, and we may have a hashtag to thank for it.


Want to be a minimalist mom? Parent with less – your kids will be happier too

Here are a few tips for successfully parenting with less: less money, fewer things, less clutter. What's not to love?


Green family part 2: Saying no to plastic bags

Our Green Family series help parents to get their heads around what South African families can do to recycle, save water, reduce pollution, change our diets and leave the world a better place for our children.


These pictures of a little girl posing with her two dads went viral for all the right reasons!

Five-year-old Willow from Texas in the US doesn’t only have one amazing dad – she has two!

Finance & Legal

The one question you didn't think to ask before a playdate that can save your child's life

Scary Mommy recently posted a video of the one question you're probably NOT asking before a play date. And it's an important, lifesaving, one. Is your gun locked up?


Spiders and spider bites in South Africa: What parents need to know

Do you know how to spot a potentially dangerous spider? Learn about South Africa's venomous spiders and what to do when your child gets bitten.


Cape Town’s Bravest: Mother and firefighter Coleen Johnson on trailblazing her way in a male-dominated field

We recently wrote an article covering the #FirefightingSexism campaign started by West Midlands Fire after they saw a tweet by a mom of her 4-year-old girl who thought, because she was female, she couldn't become a firefighter. Coleen Johnson, from Cape Town, wrote in to us in response: "I too dreamed of being a firefighter when I was a little girl and I did it! Tell Esmé that she can be anything! Dream big, baby girl!" We interviewed Coleen and she told us all about her journey and how she encourages her girls to be whatever they want to be.


"Dads who don't like suits and cigars aren't weak"

"How I see it is that we need to give kids options, we need to tell them about gender, sexual orientation, etc. and make it fine for them to choose and to accept the choices of others whether you agree or not."


WATCH: Does it spark joy? We were so inspired by Marie Kondo we tidied up with these simple hacks

If you're a fan of Marie Kondo, this video may spark some joy! We put together a few hacks to help you tidy up at home.


Say what? Emojis and text talk decoded for parents

Are you sending eggplant emojis to reference the roast veggies you're making for dinner? You may want to stop doing that (and read this ASAP).


Dear future daughter...

Let's talk affairs of the heart.


Green family: 5 ways to get your kids excited about recycling

Lots of little differences make a big difference. Our Green Family series help parents to get their heads around what South African families can do to recycle, save water, reduce pollution, change our diets and leave the world a better place for our children.


"Just teach your kids how to do stuff!" – 10 Practical skills every parent should impart on their child

"My child can't even do that..." Well, did you teach them how to do it? Here's why upskilling your child every year will empower them and free up your time.


WATCH: “Your throat hurts? It’s ‘cause you’re on that phone so much” and other things moms say

This comedian posted a video titled "Moms" and there's no denying it – this is us all day, every day.


Our teen girls aren't 20-something influencers and shouldn't pretend to be

"Act your age [you] idiot!" Why the online harassment of teen actress Millie Bobby Brown is an important lesson for parents and their teens.
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