OPINION: The new proposed adoption law Is NOT in the best interests of our children

What will the new adoption laws mean for children, birth mothers and adoptive parents? Mother to two adoptive girls and blogger The Blessed Barrenness, Sharon Van Wyk, shares her thoughts.


This news anchor's take on sex as something her daughters DON'T have to be ashamed of is beautiful

"It’s a sacred act, but have fun with it, and enjoy being a woman,’ Maria Shriver tells her 20-something-year-old daughters.


This IS it, chief: 79 Gen Z slang phrases you need to know

Flex on your kids with these words and phrases.

Family fun

75% of dads want their kids to appreciate ‘their’ music rather than the mom's music

An international poll of five countries has found that for 72% of parents, shaping their children's taste in music is a matter of serious importance.


5 reasons to be cheerful about the new school year

The start of a new school year can be a positive thing! Here are 5 reasons to celebrate it.

Finance & Legal

Unmarried parent? Know your rights

It’s important to know where you stand with South Africa’s Children’s Act, especially if you’re not married. Both parents have certain rights and obligations, and familiarising yourself with the basics could save you a great deal of trouble.


"It will deny thousands of orphaned and abandoned children permanent families": Concerned psychiatrist on the proposed amendments to adoptions in SA

"The whole system will cost the state (and therefore the taxpayer) more money through continuing foster grants and having to pay for the costs of adoptions – and where is this money going to come from?"


Gillette’s new clip about positive male role models is razor sharp

Boys will be boys, right? Well, we certainly hope not.

Family fun

Married with Children: 7 Bachelor couples who have gone the distance

"I thought they met in, like, college." These Bachelor couples have not only managed to stay together but they've become parents as well.


7 ways the world is becoming a better place for our children

The news is always covering the terrorist attacks, the wars, the complete catastrophes and Trumpesque drama. But what about the good news? What about the rising life expectancy? And the drop in child mortality? It's not all bad...

Date night

WATCH: Will and Jada no longer celebrate their wedding anniversary or consider themselves married, but their definition of love is everything

Will and Jada have a completely different outlook on life, and love, but it's only made their relationship stronger, they say.


How much say should parents have over their child's hairstyle? One mom got an earful when she turned to the internet for answers

Few topics spark as much debate as that of hair, as one parent realised when she took to Reddit to find out just how far a parent's influence goes.


Why gender stereotypes are a no-go zone at Beyoncé's house

"I want my son to have a high emotional IQ where he is free to be caring, truthful, and honest." No ordinary mom, Beyoncé shares why she wants her children to grow up without limitation, and gender stereotypes are no exception.

Family fun

Hilarious New Year's 'resolutions' for parents who hate the tradition

We hate them as much as you do, but these are just priceless.


PRINT IT: A monthly calendar to help you organise your family's 2019

We designed a pretty 2019 calendar for you to print out and stick to your fridge.


Technoference: A habit parents should leave in 2018

When technology interrupts interactions, it wreaks havoc on children, and family dynamics. Let's make it a goal to disconnect from devices and connect with one another this year.

Family fun

From mine to yours: Here's how celeb parents said hello to 2019

New Year, new beginnings! The silly season has a way of bringing out the sentimental in all of us, and celebs are no different. Here's how local and international celebs welcomed the new year, families in tow.


Hollywood babies born in 2018

Some shared their every bump and kick, while others were so secretive we didn’t even know they were expecting! Here’s a look at 2018’s celebrity baby album


2018’s local first-time moms

Being a first-time mom is not for the faint-hearted.


Parent24's top stories: From study guides to school holidays, pregnancy to baby names

2018 was a bumper year for Parent24, and we're here to help make 2019 an even better year for South African families! Here are our top stories of the year. Perhaps some of these strikes a chord with you too?

Family fun

8 ways to celebrate New Year's Eve at home with the kids

Some awesome ideas for ringing in the New Year with the kids.


7 beach safety tips for kids

How to help kids stay safer on beaches.


PRINT IT: SA's 2020 school holiday calendar

You're already organising the next December break, aren't you! That's why we made this print-friendly school holiday calendar to help you plan.

Family fun

Princess Belle fan spent 30 hours creating stunning Beauty and the Beast-themed Christmas tree

“Last Christmas was the first time I decided to look into having a Beauty and the Beast-themed tree but this year I wanted it to be bigger and better.” This mom and Princess Belle superfan went all out for Christmas.

Family fun

Photographers create magical Christmas portraits for 200 sick children around the world

“When we provide a printed portrait to the families for the first time, you see tears in their eyes." Read all about the global project bringing a “little bit more love” to families staying in hospitals this festive season.


How to prepare for long distance travelling with the kids

As you prepare for your long distance trip, DRUM has some suggestions to help you keep the kids entertained, and your sanity intact.


Keeping the kids in line during the holidays

The long December holidays can be a trying time for parents – and innocent bystanders.

Family fun

Budget-friendly family entertainment for the December holidays

Over the festive season, most of us are keen to relax and have fun with our families before the hectic work (and school) rush starts anew in January.


Cool for Christmas: Cardi B, Jennifer Lopez and other celebs making it work for the sake of the kids

Divorce and break-ups don't have to be nasty, especially when there are children involved. These celebs show us that Christmas can still be jolly even when co-parenting.
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