How SA's lockdown reminds me of growing up in the 80s

Because had this outbreak happened thirty years ago, not much would have changed for me and my five siblings (yes there were six of us for those of you who haven’t been doing your daily online Maths) who grew up in Rondebosch, Cape Town.


Alicia Keys and other stars to explain Covid-19 to kids and air their concerns

The Nickelodeon (DStv 305) channel will broadcast a special to give a kid's-eye view of life amidst the growing Covid-19 novel coronavirus pandemic.


'The most I can do is also the least': A local dad on what it means to be a father in lockdown

"We may not be going off at dawn in these 21 days to save lives, but we can wake each morning with a renewed desire to raise our sons and daughters and instil in them a hope and a certainty that they are not alone."

Date night

Divorce rates spike in Chinese lockdown, could this be South Africa's fate too?

The lockdown will either bring couples closer together and make their marriage stronger or it will tear them apart.

Family fun

WATCH: Local parents pull off an epic prank on their kids for April Fool's Day

"We got a mail from the school. All the Grade 6s and all the Grade 3s need to go to school at 9.30."

Finance & Legal

It's official, no movement of children during lockdown. Unless...

What are the exceptions to the lockdown directives?

Finance & Legal

Can a grandparent pay child support if they're on state pension?

Is it possible for a grandparent on state pension as an only source of income, to pay child support for their grandson whose father is currently not working?


Covid-19 | WATCH: Empowering tips on staying safe from an expert on the front line of the medical fight

"I am confident that the stuff I can tell you today should make you guys feel like when this comes to your community that you don't have to be scared and that you can protect your family."


WATCH: This girl cried because she can no longer have takeaways due to the lockdown and we can relate

This video of Layla, 4, shared by her mother, Joanne Charlton, 30, has gone viral on social media and we can absolutely understand why.


Five expert tips for parents working from home in a crowded house

These five tips are research-informed, yet as a parent who has worked remotely for years, I have also used them.


Use this catchy tune to help put your children at ease during lockdown

"Melody activates the limbic system which allows us to feel, experience and move our emotions through us. An essential process for anyone experiencing uncertainly, anxiety, grief or fear."

Finance & Legal

I qualified for a disability grant but after missing work, my UIF claim was rejected. What must I do?

I previously qualified for a disability grant but was unable to claim my UIF benefits. This was because I absconded from my work, due to an illness. Can I take my disability papers to the UIF and still claim my UIF benefits?

Family fun

Family in lockdown: Here are 4 ways to keep the kids happy (without resorting to Netflix)

Their normal sense of routine has been disrupted and you may be wondering how to ensure they don’t go stir crazy.

Family fun

Cheeky seven-year-old writes hilariously angry letter to coronavirus branding it 'the f word' after Harry Potter-themed birthday is cancelled

A cheeky seven-year-old has written a hilariously angry letter to coronavirus - branding it 'the f word' for ruining his birthday.


Gabi Lowe on protecting vulnerable children during the lockdown

Those in good health find self-isolation challenging, but it is likely to be more so for those with loved ones with compromised physical, mental or emotional health.


Five fun and free things families can do together during the lockdown

There are plenty of fun things you can still do indoors despite the lockdown.


'Ouch!': Should I be worried if my child has pain in his tummy?

Your child has pain in their side or in their general gut area. But why? Where did it come from? And should you be worried?

Family fun

WATCH: This video of a toddler telling her dad how to put on her head wrap is so adorable

Thousands of people have been watching this video of Glen and his daughter, Uriah, 3, on Facebook and we totally understand why.


Sad about having a boy not a girl? Your distress might be real but 'gender disappointment' is no mental illness

Having a boy rather than a girl, or vice versa, makes some people sad. Some label this “gender disappointment”.


Are parents drinking too much while at home with their children in lockdown?

"We live opposite a liquor store. I've never seen it so busy."


Lower your panic levels with this free Covid-19 online assessment test

Minimise your stress levels over your children's (or your own) coughs and sneezes and take this online test.


Co-parenting during Covid-19 - This is what we know so far

Whilst these are extraordinary times it is very disappointing and unacceptable that Family Matters have not been given the same serious considerations by Government considering that it affected millions of parents and children.


These four Covid-19 myths are doing the rounds

From the day the first case of Covid - 19 was announced, there has been fake news that spread like wild fire.

Family fun

These 12 Museums are offering virtual tours you can take from the comfort of your couch

Since the Covid-19 outbreak people have been urged to stay at home, however after too many episodes of Netflix it can get a bit boring and repetitive. Well, now you can visit the best museum from London to Seoul in the comfort of your home.

Finance & Legal

Still, little clarity on co-parenting and custody in lockdown

Who has the kids during lockdown, and can they travel between homes?


PODCAST | ASK A DOCTOR: Dr Bosch explains lockdown, and shares her tips for families

Dr Carol Bosch unpacks the various considerations around the impending national lockdown.


Family in lockdown: Parent24 has you covered

Parent24 has compiled a shortcut to finding all you need to know about the lock down.

Finance & Legal

Custody and visitation allowances in lockdown: 'We just don't know'

"During this time of lockdown, surely the father cannot still pick the child up for visitation? Or is there lenience for that?"
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