How the #MeToo movement will impact parenting in 2018

It's now more important than ever to create a safe space at home where kids feel comfortable enough to ask and share the more difficult topics. Teaching them about boundaries, empathy and communication will go a long way towards their sex education.


5 things every guilty parent needs to know

Stop beating yourself up, nobody’s perfect – not you, and not your kids. Parental guilt is not only normal, it's okay. Here are ways to cope.


5 experts answer: Should I let my kids drink juice?

Four out of five experts, including nutritionists, a dentist, dietitian and doctor, say you shouldn't actually be giving your kids juice. Here's why.


Nice try, lice: how to get rid of head lice

Get the fine-tooth comb ready, you've got a problem you need to sort out.

Finance & Legal

4 reasons why some moms struggle to get child support grants in South Africa

The South African Social Security Agency, as well as family and friends of young women, need to be more supportive and accommodating to ensure women receive the assistance they need when applying for child support grants.


5 experts answer: Is it okay to give children pain killers?

What is the correct protocol when it comes to pain killers and our kids? Five experts weigh in.


PRINTABLE: Ramadan 1439 calendar for 2018

We've put together a Ramadan calendar for our Muslim parents to put up on the fridge at home to avoid those “Is it time yet?” and "How long still?" questions from your little ones.


WATCH: Easy peasy pizza hacks

For International Pizza Party Day on Friday (yes, it's a thing), check out this video with pizza hacks to make delicious snacks in just a few minutes.

Finance & Legal

Unmarried parent? Know your rights

It’s important to know where you stand with South Africa’s Children’s Act, especially if you’re not married. Both parents have certain rights and obligations, and familiarising yourself with the basics could save you a great deal of trouble.


Honouring the legacy of our late mothers this Mother's Day

"I will do as my mother asked, and I will do the best I can with this life." We take a page from celebrity mom Angelina Jolie on how to pay tribute to mothers no longer with us but always in our hearts.


5 reasons why parents are always late

No, no… this isn’t a parent-shaming article, and we’re not going to bash non-parents either. We’re going to explore physics and ask that age-old question.


Good Samaritan comes to aid of exhausted mom on flight

Have you ever had to fly somewhere with small, crying or restless kids in tow?


How Akhumzi's mom spent a beautiful Mother's Day – and 19 other favourite celebs too

From Kristen Bell's day out to the Kardashians' tributes to their momager, here's how our favourite celeb moms spent Mother's Day and honoured the incredible women who raised them.

Family fun

The joys of motherhood: a pop-culture celebration

Let's face it, mothers are awesome and these songs, books, and movies agree with us.

Family fun

"One false move and you got a cracked nipple": Jennifer Garner rapping about motherhood is all kinds of awkward and we can't look away

A hilariously honest rap rendition of what motherhood is like for first-time moms, by actress Jennifer Garner, is the kind of awkwardly funny you want to see.


Mother’s Day tips for divorced fathers

If you are one of those sceptics, arguing that it is just another money-making gimmick, take a moment to read and reflect on these notes.

Family fun

So many ways to say "Thank you, Mom!"– Gifts and ideas for Mother's Day

Are you all set to celebrate mom on Sunday? Here's a round-up of our ideas.

Family fun

Twinning: precious images of moms and their mini-mes to get you in your feels for Mother's Day

These moms styling their outfits to match their kiddos are just too adorable.


Happy (Divorced) Mother’s Day

Once a year, we have the opportunity to honour our Mothers and show our appreciation for everything they mean to us. It is also an opportunity to teach our children to consider the relationships they have with the woman who gave birth to them and the roles their mom plays in their lives.


Moms and self-esteem: when you don't feel good enough

Take a deep breath, and remind yourself that you are worthy and you're doing the best you can.

Family fun

A Mother's Day gift directory for last-minute shoppers

Showing mom just how much you care is a non-negotiable on Mother's Day. Here's where you can find the perfect gift.


How to explain the holy month of Ramadan to your kids

This year, Ramadan begins when the sun sets on 16 May. Whether it's your little one's first year of fasting or you'd like to explain Ramadan to your non-Muslim child, here are some facts to get you started.


Mom on her son's fight with a rare neurological condition: "A disease that makes you think you are losing your mind"

At the age of 10, Jed Kagan from Cape Town started experiencing unbearable pain that had doctors perplexed. Mom Shana explains how her son went from sufferer to hero.


Utah becomes first US state to allow 'free-range parenting'

Utah has become the first US state to allow children to roam free and take part in unsupervised activities under a "Free Range Parenting" law that went into effect on Tuesday.


SA family with dwarfism: "Height doesn’t matter – what counts is your heart"

Rika and Stephen Lowe from Mpumalanga have one wish for their adorable children: that they learn how to make their own way in life.


Seven-year-old dubbed superhero after undergoing five organ transplants in one operation

A seven-year-old boy has become the first child in 20 years to undergo a remarkable operation – five organs transplanted in one go.


"I need help" – Mom pens totally relatable Facebook post to her husband

A mom blogger who says she tells it like it is, wrote an open letter to her husband. She does describe him as a wonderful dad, but there was this incident that made her blood boil. Read on!


Worrying about being a perfect mom makes it harder to be a good parent

Mothers experience strong pressure to be perfect parents. This is how “parenting perfectionism” is affecting you and your parenting confidence.
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