“My family wasn’t wrong": A black adoptee talks about growing up with white parents

“I was adopted before the law was even changed. For the first five years of my life, it was illegal for me as a black child to be living with white parents,” says Thola Antamu, a 30-year-old black woman who was adopted by her white parents when she was a newborn.


OPINION: The impact of Covid-19 and the lockdown on child protection and adoption

We anticipate that the babies will keep coming into the system, possibly even more so in the weeks and months to follow, as mothers find themselves in dire financial straits after losing their jobs or getting sick and are unable to care for themselves and their child.


How to find your birth parents in South Africa

According to the Children’s Act, an adoptee may request his adoption records and start searching for his biological parents when he is 18 years old.


FEEL GOOD | Heartwarming image of girl waiting for adoptive parents to arrive at Joburg orphanage goes viral

Door of Hope is a child-care organisation in Johannesburg that gives abandoned children new hope with forever families.


WATCH: Jake shares his thoughts on international adoption

Listen as Jake Fitzpatrick shares his experience of international adoption


PODCAST | A Journey of Separation: Why are these American families stranded in SA?

Listen to the heartbreaking stories of these adoptive families trapped in South Africa by Home Affairs' indecision on their children's nationality.


WATCH: Karl shares his thoughts on his adoption, and culture

Listen as Karl shares his thoughts on his adoption, and culture


WATCH: Thandiwe shares her moving adoption story

Listen to Thandiwe Garrett share her moving adoption story.


WATCH: Nicole shares how she feels about being adopted

Listen to Nicole Ostrom share her thoughts on being adopted.


No one is listening: Adoptive families trapped by South African home affairs

The situation is so dire that the US Department of State issued a statement recommending that adoptive parents currently in South Africa "keep their travel plans flexible while they wait for new birth certificates and passports."


USA recommends that American adoption services refrain from referring South African children

Families currently in South Africa are advised to "keep their travel plans flexible while they wait for new birth certificates and passports."


Kenya takes next steps to replace children’s homes with family care

Countries across the world – and the continent – are dismantling institutional care and redirecting resources towards family support and strengthening other forms of family-based alternative care.


WATCH: The moving moment a young girl was told she was being adopted

It's a tearjerker. Three years after moving in with her foster parents, 10-year-old Ivy found out she was going to be adopted by them, and her moving reaction was caught on camera.


How a black family raising a white baby is bringing awareness to cross-racial adoption

Keia Jones-Baldwin was just doing what she had always done when she encountered a child in need, but she didn't realise that her act of kindness would result in something more.


'My sister was an alcoholic and died of AIDS, so I adopted her son'

How did Elaine handle having to tell her son about what happened with his biological mother and how he came to live with her?


WATCH: Two Fathers - Two Babies The Daily Life of Gay Parents

Johnny and Stefan are a gay couple. Thanks to an egg donor and surrogate mother, they are now also proud parents of the twins Amalia and Aurelio. A family like any other, they say.


Arise Adoption Conference 2019 coming soon to Cape Town and Joburg

"It was practical and made me reflect deeply on decisions we needed to be mindful of as a family before our son joined us." Join the Arise Adoption Conference 2019 for an in-depth look at adoption.


'We need to do our research, learn from our mistakes': Arise shares their stance on the proposed changes to the Children’s Act

"If this Bill is passed in its current format, we are concerned that our already overburdened social workers will not have the adequate time, resources, or experience to sensitively handle our adoptions in South Africa."


'We need a space where we could just feel like human beings': How a cross-racial adoptee is using her story to help others

"We decided to put on this performance because there were way too many people asking all of the same questions and we were like 'Okay, people want to know these things, let's tell them.'"


Pearl Thusi is a true mama bear and seems to have added another member to her family

Pearl Thusi and her daughter Thandolwethu are BFFs, and they seem to have added another member to the girl gang. Take a look at some of the moments this inspiring single mom has shared with her girls.


WATCH: Should white people adopt black children? Kristin Davis opens up about her experience with interracial adoption

In the latest episode of 'The Red Table Talk' Kristin Davis left no stone unturned when it came to the process of adopting black children. The 'Sex and the City' actress bared all as she discussed her interracial adoption experience, from racism to her white privilege.


'As long as it's a family that would show love and be there for me': A 17-year-old orphan says he doesn't want to go into adulthood alone

He's been in foster care since the age of 12, and even now, while on the cusp of adulthood, Haven says he still needs a family.


Proposed amendments to the Children’s Act: Readers respond

Parents have plenty to say about the current state of adoption in South Africa, and how the proposed changes might impact the already delicate situation. Read these parents' thoughts...


Draw three smiley faces on your fingers and spread the love this #WorldFosterDay

Here's how you can make a difference this #WorldFosterDay.


Meet the dad taking on the government on behalf of SA's orphaned and abandoned children

“I was also stunned by the lack of understanding of the importance of adoption in the context of a country where approximately 3 500 children are abandoned every year.” Tom Jordi talks to us about the proposed Children's Act amendments.


OPINION: "Amendments to the Child Care Act will have a damaging effect on adoption in South Africa"

Mom of 3 adopted children speaks out on the amendments to the Child Care Act.


OPINION: The new proposed adoption law Is NOT in the best interests of our children

What will the new adoption laws mean for children, birth mothers and adoptive parents? Mother to two adoptive girls and blogger The Blessed Barrenness, Sharon Van Wyk, shares her thoughts.


"It will deny thousands of orphaned and abandoned children permanent families": Concerned psychiatrist on the proposed amendments to adoptions in SA

"The whole system will cost the state (and therefore the taxpayer) more money through continuing foster grants and having to pay for the costs of adoptions – and where is this money going to come from?"


OPINION: Adoption amendments deny opportunity to most vulnerable children

The proposed amendments allegedly aims to make adoptions “more accessible”, but the real outcome will be a total shut down of all adoptions in South Africa.
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