OPINION: The new proposed adoption law Is NOT in the best interests of our children

What will the new adoption laws mean for children, birth mothers and adoptive parents? Mother to two adoptive girls and blogger The Blessed Barrenness, Sharon Van Wyk, shares her thoughts.


"It will deny thousands of orphaned and abandoned children permanent families": Concerned psychiatrist on the proposed amendments to adoptions in SA

"The whole system will cost the state (and therefore the taxpayer) more money through continuing foster grants and having to pay for the costs of adoptions – and where is this money going to come from?"


OPINION: Adoption amendments deny opportunity to most vulnerable children

The proposed amendments allegedly aims to make adoptions “more accessible”, but the real outcome will be a total shut down of all adoptions in South Africa.


Everything you need to know about adoption in 2018

From debunking myths to the recent announcement of 10 days of parental leave announced by president Cyril Ramaphosa just last month, here's everything you need to know about adoption.


WATCH: The moving moment a young girl was told she was being adopted

It's a tearjerker. Three years after moving in with her foster parents, 10-year-old Ivy found out she was going to be adopted by them, and her moving reaction was caught on camera.


How a New Zealander found his Russian birth parents – and now helps others too

Born in Russia and raised in New Zealand, Alex Gilbert documented his trip home to find his birth parents and is now helping others to do the same.


What you can do to make a difference this #WorldFosterDay

31 May is #WorldFosterDay. Here's how you can help spread the word to ensure a better, brighter future for the children of South Africa.


Adoption brings hope: Two SA families share their stories

Adoption has given people such as the Saunders and Vorsters the chance to have or grow their families.


How to tell your child he's adopted

I remember when we were busy with our adoption application, one of the questions we asked was “when and how should we tell our child he is adopted?”


Opt to adopt

Many people choose to become parents by adopting a baby, either because they cannot have children of their own or because they want to give another child a home and family. So what does adoption entail?


Heartwarming moment as mom is reunited with son 44 years after adoption

In 1973, when 21-year-old Diana Laney gave up her third child for adoption, she thought she’d never see her precious baby boy again.


The right way to adopt in 7 steps

Considering adoption? Here's what you need to know about the process, from application to finalisation.


Pregnancy doesn't make you a mother

The way society intrinsically links parenting, and specifically motherhood, to the pregnancy journey, leaves 20% of parents feeling excluded. Sharon van Wyk explains how she wants to feel included as a mother too, even if she was never pregnant.


How one remarkable elderly man cares for Dropbox babies

Lee Jong-rak, an elderly man with a big heart, realised there is an issue society ignores and took it upon himself to help the helpless - dropbox babies. Watch his amazing story!


5 ways new series 'This is Us' gets adoption right

Local blogger explores how mainstream media is finally getting adoption right.


Meet Madonna's beautiful new twin daughters

Stelle and Estere just became the luckiest twins in Malawi!


What we can learn from the Zephany case

"I had a bad feeling – something was wrong."


Chris Rock's adoption controversy: what we can learn

While Chris Rock makes headlines we look into why you can't arrange private adoptions.


Real-life adoption stories

Find out what it's like to adopt in South Africa.


Shocking adoption hoax

Sharon explains how con artists are exploiting the infertility community with adoption hoaxes.


When the adoption process goes wrong

Find out how to take the risks out of the adoption process.


What makes me a mom?

Can non-biological parents love their kids as much as biological parents?


Parent24 chats to Melinda

Melinda shares with us the joys, trials and tribulations she's had to endure when adopting her two beautiful kids.


An adult adoptee speaks

Discovering as an adult that I was adopted had a profound effect on my life.

Fertility problems

The adoption process

Here are the steps you’ll have to go through when you adopt in South Africa.


‘You’re adopted’

Not telling a child’s true birth story can cause hurt.


My white son

Should I adopt a white baby, wonders Sipho Yanano.

Development & Behaviour

Didn’t my mother want me?

Be prepared for questions from your adopted child.
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