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Space party
Take kids to infinity and beyond with a cool space themed party


Here are some original party invitation ideas:

  • Buy mini polystyrene balls and paint them with craft acrylic. Cut a circle out of matching paper and cut a hole out of the centre, the size of the ball. Write the invitation onto the paper and then push the ball through the centre to create mini planets. Finish off with a spritz of silver spray paint to look like the planet
  • Print a photo of the NASA shuttle blasting off. Stick the photo on the front of your invitation cards and decorate with drawings and stickers.
  • Buy a pack of glow-in-the-dark stars and planets. Write the birthday party details on them with permanent felt-tip pens, and mail the invitations to your guests.

Fun décor

  • Space toys (plastic rockets and astronauts).
  • Paper or foam planets, painted. Use fishing line to suspend from the trees or the ceiling.
  • Stars hung from the ceiling.
  • Star charts.
  • Science fiction posters.
  • Space rocks (paint rocks in neon colors

Party crafts

Here are some spacey ideas:

  • Set up a table with craft materials to make alien masks and flying saucers. To make the alien masks, use pipe cleaners, green cardboard, sparkly pom-poms and plastic eyes. Flying saucers are made by gluing two paper plates together and then a paper pudding bowl onto that. The plates and bowls need to be a good quality but not too heavy. Let the kids decorate with glitter glues and pom-poms.
  • Kids will have a blast building their own spaceships using various cardboard containers (e.g. cereal boxes, shoe boxes, paper tissue tubes), Styrofoam packing materials, and other lightweight containers. Use masking tape to fasten the pieces together. Spaceships can be lightly spray-painted white or grey. Black marker and decorative materials can be used to add details.
  • Create a giant spaceship from a large appliance box. Let the kids paint it to look like one of the NASA spaceships. Then let them climb in and pretend they’re blasting off into space.


Robot command

Divide the guests into teams of two, one is the robot and one is the operator. Tie a bandanna over the eyes of the robot. Place three or four painted moon rocks at various locations around the party area.

When you say “Go” the operator must give the robot one or two word commands, such as forward, left, right, down, arm out, to get the robot to the item. The operator must then give commands to have the robot return to the starting point with the items. Time each team. The quickest team wins.


For younger players, have the robot sit and use only his arms. Cover his eyes and place the objects
around him. The operator then gives the commands for the robot’s arms. At present opening time, have each guest place the gift in a different spot around the party area and take turns having guests direct the birthday boy/girl to the present.

Flying comets

Make a comet for each child. You’ll need foam or tennis balls, coloured tights or pantyhose and

  • Cut the legs from the tights
  • Insert a ball into the toe of the leg and secure it with a rubberband
  • Place hoops on the ground or hang them from trees
  • The kids will toss their comets and try to get them into the hoops

Galaxy treasure hunt

  • Use several balls with different shapes and colours to represent the planets and one large yellow ball for the sun.
  • Write rhyme clues and attach them to each planet, for example Saturn’s might read: “This planet has rings, but is not made of gold. Explore near the driveway like an astronaut bold!”
  • Hide the planets and sun in different rooms or other challenging spots. The hunt should end with the Sun, where they’ll find their goodie bags.

For more space party ideas, go to to download a diagram for a SPACE SHUTTLE CAKE

AND for space party food ideas

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