New trend: keeping birthday parties simple
Say goodbye to over the top birthday parties.

In a recent discussion on Fox 11 parenting contributor Donna Tetreault talks about birthday parties for kids.  

She mentions that the new trend for birthday parties is to do away with the glamorous and over the top themes and to keep it simple.

The expenditure cascade

Some parents spend thousands on making their child's birthday an event to remember, leaving high expectations for other parents planning their child's party. It gets a bit much when the focus becomes on making an impression rather than enjoying the occasion.

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A researcher, Robert Frank, refers to this as the expenditure cascade where parents host extravagant birthday parties for their kids. Middle class parents then try to upgrade their expectations and expenditures. 

Many parents feel that going back to the basics is not only easier but far more enjoyable for everyone.

The good news is that according to Donna Tetreault, simple birthday parties are the way forward and parents who choose to cut out unnecessary expenses will be following a new trend. 

The good old days

Remember the days when birthday parties involved mom's home-made birthday cake, pinning the tail on the donkey and running through the garden sprinklers with your friends?

These are some of the features we hope to see more of with this new birthday party trend.

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