Should kids have lavish, over-the-top birthday parties?
Some parents splurge on their kids' birthday parties, some don't. How do you feel?

After hearing about the single mom from Pietermaritzburg who threw her 4-year-old daughter a lavish birthday party at the preschool to the value of R100 000, we asked our readers whether they thought she went was being exceptionally generous or completely overboard.

Some Facebook readers shared their sentiments:

She was generous!

It's bound to up her kid's street cred:

Her money, her choice:

Spend it on something else instead:

Absolutely unnecessary:

Wheels24’s Janine Van der Post doesn’t believe in exorbitant kiddies parties, but this party is something else, she says.

"Firstly, her daughter is four years old, and apparently already akin to extravagant parties since one of her two parties for her third birthday was held in Hong Kong. If she can afford it, and treating other less fortunate children at her daughter’s pre-school, then all kudos to her.

"However, I don’t believe in spending hordes of cash on celebrations my daughter doesn’t even understand. Her first birthday her grandmother bought a Dora the Explora cake and we had gone away for the weekend to her godmother's up the West Coast. They made another cake and had a tiny two-man Minnie Mouse-themed party for her and her cousin.

"She recently turned two. She enjoys unwrapping gifts and seems to understand that, but she still doesn’t know what a birthday party is.

"I ordered a Blaze and the Monster Truck cake, and a savoury platter for whoever might come around to wish her. But then her grandparents rocked up with some more cake, food galore and even some guests and it turned into another mini celebration. Who am I to deny them their only grandchild’s birthday celebrations if they want to?

"Perhaps when she’s five years old and understands the celebration, and she can tell me which friends to invite to share the day with, I’ll make a bigger effort for a kiddies’ party, and even then I wouldn’t go overboard."

What are your thoughts on lavish, over-the-top birthday parties for your kids? Share your thoughts by emailing and we may publish your story. Should you wish to remain anonymous, please let us know.

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