#DignifiedDivorce: Everything you need to know about divorce
Parent24's #dignifieddivorce series is here to help parents navigate the legal and emotional implications of a divorce.
Parent24's #dignifieddivorce series is here to help parents navigate the legal and emotional implications of a divorce. (iStock)

Raising a family together is hard work, and sometimes marriage and relationships don't survive. But splitting up when there are kids involved is even harder.

Parent24's #dignifieddivorce series is here to help parents navigate the legal and emotional implications of a divorce.

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The basics

Find out the basics of divorce proceedings here: 

The different types of divorces in South Africa

What are the grounds for divorce in South Africa?

How to get a DIY divorce in South Africa

What does it cost to get divorced in South Africa?

Update your will or you may as well still be married to your ex, and other surprising ways divorce can affect your legacy

It's complicated

What happens when separations aren't simple? We provide advice and insight from experts here:

Can you get a divorce without your spouse’s consent?

Maintenance money: to some, more divisive than divorce

'She took what belonged to me': A reader asks what next, after her husband had an affair

'She does not know him': How to get a fraudulent marriage annulled

Dignified divorce

We've got advice and expert help from a range of therapists, mentors and experts here:

How to tell your child you’re getting divorced

How do parents go about setting up a parental plan after a divorce? An expert advises

On Global Fair Divorce Day, we speak to a local divorce mentor about how to ensure a fair divorce

How to maintain a mature relationship with your spouse during the divorce process

Parental alienation

Find out more about the laws protecting children from parental alienation here: 

Parental alienation has officially been recognised by WHO

Reader shares heartbreaking story of parental alienation

In the News

Find the latest legal updates relating to divorce in South Africa here: 

ConCourt makes significant interim maintenance ruling on divorce proceedings

Women in customary marriages now have equal rights to marital property

Lawyers call January 'Divorce Month': How to avoid becoming a statistic this year

Reader Q&A

We answer readers tricky questions here, with advice and comment from legal professionals and experts: 

Is failure to contribute financially grounds for divorce? A legal expert answers

'The mother refuses me access to my child. What can I do to ensure that I play a rightful role in my daughter's upbringing?' An expert assists

Life after divorce 

Advice for getting back on the horse because "Not all storms come to destroy your life, some come to clear your path."

Dating after a divorce - Do’s and Don’ts

Re-framing divorce: Families and their changing shapes

How to be a present father after a divorce

We can help

Share your divorce-based questions and stories with us, and we could publish them. Anonymous contributions are welcome.

Read more: 

'I’d be lying if I said it was easy to see my life falling apart': A reader shares her divorce experience 

WATCH: What research has to say about maintaining a happy marriage

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