Caution: These 5 family vlogs are extremely addictive
Relatable, hella funny, entertaining. Move over Kardashians, check out some of the most watched family vloggers on the web.
The ACE Family (Youtube)

If you haven't already caught on, family is the new cool. 

Just ask the millions upon millions of people subscribed to these fun family vloggers. 

Capturing their misadventures, quirky how-tos, and random comedy skits make them as watched as some of the most beloved television shows, and if you haven't caught onto them yet, here's a little round-up of the most watched family vloggers. 

Do you follow family vloggers? Who are some of your favourites? Tell us by emailing to and we could publish your letter. Do let us know if you'd like to stay anonymous. 

1. The ACE Family  

Subscribers: 10,191,169 at the time of publishing.
Views: 1,517,636,026 – that's more than a billion, people.

Catherine, Austin, Elle and baby on the way make up the ACE family. They started back in 2016 as The Catherine and Austin Vlogs – filming their journey to becoming parents, a couple of pranks, gender reveal parties and dance battles later and the ACEs have become one of the most-watched family vloggers on Youtube. 

2. Eh Bee Family

Subscribers: 6,824,646 
Views: 1,534,858,200 

You may or may not be aware of the name but if you've been on any social media platform in the last few years, you've definitely come across one of the Eh Bee Family's videos. The hilarious family has made some of the best-known family rapping/dance videos on the web, turning the frustrations of family life into classic comedy. 

3. Family Fizz 

Subscribers: 1,076,249 
Views: 218,295,254

The adorbs Family Fizz are Aussies who travel the world, documenting their zany adventures and turning everyday occurrences into memorable moments. The infectiously joyful bunch include mom and pops Georgie and Darren, 13-year-old Mia, 6-year-old Sienna and brand-new addition Karma. 

4. McClure Twins Family 

Subscribers: 1,013,879 
Views: 100,588,067

Move over Mary-Kate and Ashley: the McClure Twins have officially nabbed the title of cutest twins ever! The McClure Twins family is made up of mom Ami; dad Justin; twin girls Ava and Alexis; and baby brother Jersey. The family's show is an adorable mix of kids saying the darndest things, hair advice, a cooking show and travel vlog all bubble-wrapped in preciousness.

5. How to DAD 

Subscribers: 238,694 
Views: 30,293,422 

New Zealand-based dad Jordan Watson, AKA How to DAD, first entered the scene with his hilarious How to hold a baby video and has made every conceivable how-to video since. From How to check if a baby's done a poo, how to burp a baby and even how to go camping with a baby, How to DAD is great at turning parenting challenges into funny shareable clips. 

Do you follow any family vloggers? Who are your favourites? Tell us by emailing to and we could publish your letter. Do let us know if you'd like to stay anonymous.  

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