'Chris, you need to talk to me before the baby is born or don't bother after!': Banksy-inspired prank?
Of all the many ways of getting in touch, this parent-to-be chose something a little old school, and now the internet can't get enough.
Wherefore art thou Chris? (Facebook)

We're not sure if this graffiti message repeated in multiple locations of an Australian town is real, or some Banksy-inspired street art with a parenting twist. 

"Chris, you need to talk to me before the baby is born or don't bother after!" Reads the spray-painted message in several parts of Frankston in Melbourn, Australia. 

Images of the message have been posted via the town's Facebook Page and have since gone viral, with several theories being tossed around as to the mysterious tagger. 

According to Boredpanda, the messages are the work of a 36-year-old woman who police have already dealt with for public vandalism, but the internet isn't happy with that theory. 

Apart from tagging every Frankston-based Chris they knew, some blamed the 21st-century dating douchebaggery known as ghosting for the communication fail, while others weren't exactly convinced of the authenticity of the message. 

Someone even took the time to set up the Where's Frankston Chris? GoFundMe page

Frankston Chris?

The whole thing may just be the work of a heartbroken creative on some next level revenge tip hoping the street art will act as a tale of caution. 

And who says the Chris in question is even a man? What if the tagger is the dad hoping to make contact with the mom before the baby is born? 

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