Printable: weird and wacky holidays to celebrate in 2018
Talk like a pirate, bake chocolate cupcakes and laugh together... there's a day for everything!

You don't just have public holidays to look forward to anymore, use our printable to celebrate days like Chocolate Cake Day and Men Make Dinner Day. While they may not be national holidays, they are great fun and the kids may just learn a thing or two. And besides... who doesn't want a good excuse to eat ice-cream for breakfast?

Click here to download the fun holiday calendar so you never miss out on the wild and wacky days to come. 


22 January - Polka Dot Day
24 January - Compliment Day
26 January - Spouses Day
27 January - Chocolate Cake Day

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3 February  - Eat Ice-cream for Breakfast Day
11 February - Make A Friend Day
13 February - Get A Different Name Day
14 February - Valentine's day
17 February - Random Act of Kindness Day
19 February - Chocolate Mint Day
26 February - Tell A Fairytale Day

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3 March  - Caregiver Appreciation Day
5 March - Learn What Your Name Means Day
15 March - Absolutely Incredible Kid Day
20 March - World Storytelling Day
25 March - Waffle Day

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1 April - April Fool's Day
3 April - World Party Day
10 April - Siblings Day
15 April - World Art Day
21 April - World Astronomy Day
22 April - Jelly Bean Day
26 April - Take Our Children to Work Day
30 April - Honesty Day

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4 May - Star Wars Day 
10 May - Clean Your Room Day
15 May - Chocolate Chip Day
18 May - Pizza Party Day
28 May - Hamburger Day

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1 June - National Doughnut Day
4 June - Leave the Office Earlier Day
8 June - Best Friends' Day
17 June - Eat Your Veggies Day
22 June - Take Your Dog to Work Day

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21 July - Junk Food Day
22 July - Ice-cream Day
24 July - Cousin's Day
26 July - Aunts and Uncles Day

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5 August - Sisters' Day
9 August - Book Lovers' Day
11 August - Son and Daughter Day
12 August - Middle Child Day

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4 September - Eat Extra Dessert Day
6 September - Read a Book Day
9 September - Teddy Bear Day
13 September - Roald Dahl Day
19 September - International Talk Like A Pirate Day
22 September - Hobbit Day

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4 October - Taco Day
5 October - World Smile Day
18 October - Chocolate Day

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1 November - Men Make Dinner Day
3 November - World Kindness Day
8 November - Tongue Twister Day
11 November - Origami Day
23 November - Buy Nothing Day
24 November - Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day

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5 December - Day of the Ninja
7 December - Letter Writing Day
8 December - Pretend to be a Timetraveler
9 December - Christmas Card Day
31 December - Make Up Your Mind Day

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