Is it fair to request that guests abstain from sex before and after attending a child's first birthday party? This mom thought so
There's nothing like weird party rules to test a friendship - and while we expect a few understandable ones to be enforced at a child's first birthday party, some people just take things a little too far.
"Does she have a sex radar?" (iStock)

If you want a master class on just how much is too much when talking birthday party rules, here it is. 

Reddit users, Rick and Andrew, could not resist sharing the rather strange rule they were given prior to a birthday party a church friend was planning for their soon to be 1-year-old. 

The couple shared that while they expected the "no drugs or alcohol, decent attitude" guidelines, the mom also enforced a strictly zero copulation rule, insisting that "anyone attending this birthday party must not have had sex for the month prior and must not have sex for a week after."

Is it a party or are we hoping to reenact the Handmaid's Tale here? 

Deciding to be good rule-abiding folk, Rick and Andrew didn't want to attend because "Like any normal married couple, sex was a thing we had," they commented. 

A group message sent by the mom on the day revealed that they weren't the only rule-breakers, and the would-be party literally had zero guests arrive on the day. 

Other invitees had apparently wondered how the mom planned on giving the guests the green light. 

"Does she have a sex radar?" said one mom, who added that she would "have had sex at the party," just for kicks. 

Do you think she misunderstood what a cake smash is? 

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What's the weirdest kid's birthday party rule you've heard of? Share your story with us, and we could publish your email. Anonymous contributions are welcome.

But hers can't be the worst? Read on for more nightmare party rules and requests. 

A baby shower with an entry fee 

We want to share our friends and family's special days but would you pay to attend? One mom-to-be thought nothing of charging guests £15 (upwards of R250), and the offended invitee shared the odd request via Mumsnet. One person said: "She's organising her own baby shower and charging an entry fee? Nah, f**k that." 

Bad treats

It failed to occur to one baby shower organiser that food resembling a fetus is all kinds of wrong. Picture a watermelon, cut in half, carved to mimic a fetus and umbilical cord and filled with jelly. Yes, it's as horrible as it sounds. Click at your own risk

Books in place of cards

Ever been asked to substitute a card for a book at a baby shower? This mom did, and we're thinking her logic was that cards are expensive anyway, might as well buy something worth the price! And if that wasn't enough, the mom also requested that guests bring along an item from the gift registry, a pack of nappies AND a snack platter to share! No man, too much. 

Chat back:

What's the weirdest kid's birthday party rule you've heard of? Share your story with us, and we could publish your email. Anonymous contributions are welcome.

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