Moms in memes: Are you guilty of using these catchphrases to keep your kids in check?
Resistance is futile! We end up being just like our parents anyhow so we might as well use their pearls of wisdom. What's your go-to mommy clap back?
"Listen to me now and believe me later." Dads, you can have your jokes, catchphrases is a mom thing. (iStock)

No matter how far down the adulting rabbit hole we go, moms always know exactly what to say, don't they? 

And regardless of how much we resist, we have to admit that all those times our moms meted out their wisdom, it must have landed because now we're using their logic (read: the parental right to be right at all times) on our children. 

There is no expiry date for a good catchphrase, and when prompted by Reddit user iceshard1232 to share their moms' most classic slogans, the r/AskReddit community came through with both bizarre and profound sayings. 




"As dit 'n slang was, dan sou dit jou gepik het!" (dutchshelbs)

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What is/was your mom's catchphrase? Do you use it on your children? Tell us and we could add them to this article.


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To each his own! 

In honour of mom wisdom, and to emphasise the savvy captured by these classic one liners, we decided to create a few saucy memes for moms to share with their tribe. 

fun mom memes

                                   (By streamlivesoccerbot2) 

fun mom memes

                                          (By MicarHaua)

fun mom memes

                                               (By _FXMC)

fun mom memes

                                              (By 0jib)

fun mom memes

                              (By myhouseplantsaredead)

Chat back:

What is/was your mom's catchphrase? Do you use it on your children? Tell us and we could add them to this article.

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