Prince George gave the perfect response when asked to rate his mom Kate's garden
Prince George is very happy with his mom's green thumb and has given it a massive score when quizzed by his father Prince William.
Prince George is impressed! ITN

It seems Prince George has a high opinion about mom Princess Kate's gardening skills, and for good reason too.

Prince George joined his brother and sister on a visit the Duchess of Cambridge's Back to Nature Garden, ahead of the Chelsea Flower Show. 

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In this heart-warming video, Prince George can be seen playing with his father in the garden. When asked by his dad what he would rate his mom's garden out of ten, he just went higher than the proposed score.

“How many marks out of ten would you give it? With 10 being the highest,” the future king of England asked his son. 

Swinging on a rope Prince George replied “Twenty”.

“Twenty out of ten?” Prince William says, impressed. “That’s pretty good. I think Mummy’s done well.”

Kate was then filmed saying “How amazing is that?” as she was playing with Prince Louis.

William is later spotted playing on a swing as he asks he asks his daughter Princess Charlotte to "give him a push."

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