The other Spur play area incident
Another playground incident at Spur was highlighted on a social media post two days ago. You really want to see this.

In the message, she posted 3 photos of her little daughter, Emma, and brand-new friend playing together. She wrote: 

"He brought her a balloon,
She fed him her waffle,
He held her when she came down the slide ..."

She also playfully suggested that the little boy's mom should contact her to arrange a playdate, and ended her post with the hashtags #thisalsohappenedatSpur #rasicamistaught #thisisourfuture. 

"Overwhelmed by the amazing response"

Parent24 contacted Jelena, who said she was overwhelmed by the amazing response. "I just captured a beautiful moment, and looks like it came along at the right time. 

"This is just kids being kids, and this is a reality that can often be seen at any playground. The kids are our future. 

"On Tuesday we went to the Spur, Emma and the boy bonded instantly. He approached her and gave a balloon... She then invited him to our table and shared her waffle. Anyone with a 2-and-a-half year old knows that sharing isn't really popular at this age, no matter how many times we as parents say, 'Barney says sharing is caring'!

"It was really adorable, and kids being kids, I'm sure had we stayed another 30 minutes they would have started 'fighting'... and then gone back to being loving.

"We went home and the following day my little girl browsed through my phone, saw the pictures and said "Mama, fwend!". So I posted on a Mommy FB Group and it just went viral."

"Parents shouldn't interfere"

"As for the playground scuffles, I personally believe that we as parents mustn't interfere. If they wanna hug, let them hug. If they wanna fight, don't fight their battles for them. 

"Kids are much smarter than adults, we are here just to give them guidance.

"Having said all this, my mother has taught me a wonderful thing: The two things you need to do as a parent: give your child roots and give your child wings."

Some comments on Jelena's story included:

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