WATCH: BFF granny and grandson put a hilarious spin on Christmas
This hilarious gran and grandson duo will make you cringe, cry and LOL at the same time with their Christmas themed viral classics.
The perfect blend of both the cringe-worthy and the lovable. (Photo: smoothsmith8/Instagram)

Ross Smith and his 'Gangster' gran Pauline "Granny" Kana have been entertaining the internet since 2013 with their hilarious gag videos and photos. 

Somehow, the duo have managed to be the perfect blend of both the cringeworthy and the lovable, and judging from their social media following of more than 20 million fans, the combination is pure gold. 

From pranks and heckling to trolling and rolling around with Chuck Norris (true story), the duo have added a new meaning to the term partners-in-crime. 

Over the years, the 93-year-old gran and her grandson have commemorated every holiday with their legendary photos and videos, and here we've rounded up the best of their Christmas themed viral classics. 

'The perfect Christmas tree this year'

Granny G

Gangster gran 

'Deer & beer'

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