WATCH: Kristen Bell's daughters think she's at least 63
Playing the 'guess my age' game is a bad idea no matter who you ask, but for your own sake, do not ask your children!
From 6 to 63, back to 60, then 89 and somehow, 12. The 39-year-old got more than she bargained for when she asked her daughters to guess her age. (Getty Images)

We're sure it was all fun and games when Kristen Bell decided to ask her daughters to guess her age on her 39th birthday this past Thursday. 

The 'Frozen' actress' daughters, Lincoln and Delta (who are both younger than 7), proved that time truly is a foreign concept for children, with their guesses ranging from 6 to 63, back to 60, then 89 and somehow, 12. 

Her comedian husband proved no better, "I'd say about somewhere in the middle... so 71?" 

Clearly, comedic talent runs in the family. 

Watch the video above for more. 

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