Who's more excited about The Lion King? You or your kids? Parents react
Now we gotta see Mufasa die in 1080p!
It's okay if you're feeling a little emotional after watching the trailer for The Lion King. We're all a mess. (Disney)

Your problem-free philosophy just went out the window – Disney recently released the much anticipated trailer for the live action remake of The Lion King and to quote so many social media users, still in mourning, now we gotta see Mufasa die in 1080p.

Since Disney released the video it’s quickly become their most watched trailer yet, with over 44 million views on YouTube.

And social media has had a lot to say, even though the movie only releases in cinemas in 2019. Many users compared the live action to the 1994 classic animation, while others directed their own live actions in the living room:

Others had comments about the casting:

But the grown-ups would just like you to know, they’ll be flooding cinemas in 2019:

We’ve been anxiously awaiting the film and now, after seeing the trailer, we’re more excited than ever. But I think it has much to do with the joy of watching Lion King growing up, because while Mufasa’s death definitely scarred us (get it?), we also have fond memories of singing “I just can’t wait to be king” and everyone’s favourite “Hakuna Matata”.

So what did The Lion King teach you growing up and what do you remember most from the film? And have your kids watched The Lion King yet? Who’s more excited – you or them? Send your comments and all your feels to chatback@parent24.com and we may publish it on the site.

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