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Finance & Legal

My child's father is threatening to leave the country and not pay maintenance: what are my legal options?

What happens when a non-custodial parent threatens to default on maintenance payments and leave the country?

Finance & Legal

What happens if a parent stops paying their maintenance order?

Many parents rely on maintenance money to cover the day to day living expenses of their children, but what happens when a parent defaults on the payments?

Finance & Legal

How much maintenance money must a parent pay?

Maintenance includes the day to day living expenses such as the provision of board and lodging, food and clothing and also medical care and schooling.

Finance & Legal

OPINION: Are customary practices exempt from the 'no smacking' ruling?

ConCourt's ruling to ban corporal punishment in the home has been extensively scrutinised from a religious perspective but not much has been mentioned by way of customary law. Here, Advocate Daluxolo Batyi weighs in on the debate.

Finance & Legal

"I fell pregnant as the result of adultery. Now the biological father ran away. Do I have a right to take him to court for maintenance?"

What does the law say in dealing with maintenance disputes when one father doesn't know the child is not biologically his? Luzanne Kinnear, a legal professional at Law for All, answers our reader's sensitive question.

Finance & Legal

‘My son doesn’t resemble me’: A confused father asks if his son is really his

A DNA paternity test compares a child’s DNA pattern with that of the alleged father to determine if there is a match.

Finance & Legal

What does it cost to get divorced in South Africa?

"If the issues are complex or the parties involved are simply stubborn, the costs can run into the millions." Legal expert Deborah Di Siena breaks down the cost of divorce in SA.

Finance & Legal

The largest generation in the world may not afford to retire

Millennials make up about a quarter of the world’s population and are fast becoming the largest generation in the world. It is interesting to understand how they, and Gen Z, the generation that proceeds them, approach investing and saving for retirement.

Finance & Legal

'The cashier asked why I'm making a big deal about this' - Mom heads to Equality Court after son in wheelchair denied access to superette

"The manager told me, 'Now you know for next time not to bring your child to the shop'. I didn't know where to go or what to do, but I knew Connor's human rights had been violated. He should be allowed to go where everyone else can go." Cape Town-based mom Liezel Haskin is seeking courtroom justice for her otherly-abled son.

Finance & Legal

How to be a supermom or dad on a single income

“Knowing what you are budgeting for helps you to stay focused, giving you the right motivation when deciding what expenses to cut.”

Finance & Legal

Is your family poor, middle class or rich? Take this test and find out

SALDRU’s research finds that 50% of South Africans are chronically poor.

Finance & Legal

ConCourt makes significant interim maintenance ruling on divorce proceedings

The Constitutional Court has upheld the prohibition against appealing interim maintenance orders, pending divorce proceedings.

Finance & Legal

Are you paying your nanny a living wage? Probably not

If you're paying your employee the national minimum wage, or even a little above, you may not actually be paying her enough to get by.

Finance & Legal

'I totally understand why some fathers give up': One parent's custody experience

"... the feeling of being so helpless is one just a father with this battle can understand." A dad shares his experience of fighting for his two children.

Finance & Legal

Can I force my mother-in-law’s sons to support her financially? A legal expert responds

'Children have a moral and ethical responsibility to share in the care of their parents. But morals and ethics can't be enforced by courts!"

Finance & Legal

A grown son asks if he can legally be made to support his mother financially – a legal expert responds

"My mother wants maintenance from me and I am unable to help her due to my financial situation. She is taking me to court, and I don’t see how I can afford any more financial commitment."

Finance & Legal

'The mother refuses me access to my child. What can I do to ensure that I play a rightful role in my daughter's upbringing?' An expert assists

How can the law help a parent to see their children when one parent refuses access? Sinta Ebersohn, a local divorce mentor, answers our reader's question.

Finance & Legal

'That's what we as men are expected to do': Reader's defend teen boy suing mom for maintenance money

Our readers make equally rational cases as to whether or not a teen suing his mom for maintenance money is ridiculous or fair but the real question is, "Who is paying his legal fees?"

Finance & Legal

'Can I recoup the maintenance money my father never paid my mother?' A legal expert responds

A forty-one-year-old woman asks if she can claim maintenance money from the father who left her many years ago.

Finance & Legal

A dad-to-be misses the implementation of the new parental leave laws by a few days. Can he claim them back?

Confusion as to when the provisions of the Labour Laws Amendment Act (LLAA) and the UI Amendment Act will come into effect has caused some parents to question their parental leave rights.
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