Chasing dads for maintenance
Why should the government have to get involved to get parents to pay their papgeld?
It was a great relief to see that government is helping women who are faced with the challenge of chasing after papgeld. It is men in most cases that need to be reminded that they have children and they need to feed them. Many women have lost hope in the maintenance system and some have given up on trying to get the law to be on their side and that of their children.

 To hear government in a naming and shaming initiative gives hopes to those mothers. I see on News24 this has got some people hit under the collar.

This is an initiative that should be on a national level, all provinces should join in.

It is quite disappointing to see that we even need to have such initiatives to force men to face their responsibilities. Would you rather be named and shamed than to do the right thing for your child? Where is your conscience, how do you eat and sleep knowing very well that your child is not getting the best?

 It is even more disappointing when you see these men driving flashy cars while their children starve. This is a disgrace. If you are untraced then it also means that you have lost contact with your children, your flesh and blood. You have deserted your own.

Do you then still expect to be part of humankind? Humans take care of their own, if you are chased for papgeld then you do not belong with humans. Are these men wild animals that they need to be traced and chased?

 Some men are ruining away from paying as little as R250 per month – while they blow that kind of money on booze in one weekend. This abnormality has become normal in society but this should not be the case.

Of course non-paying mothers also need to be brought to book but when comparing men and women where does the problem lie? With men and there is no denying this. Mothers are left to care for their children all alone.

This is no rocket science, look around you perhaps starting with our own family members. This is a reality and a disease that needs to be cured before this spreads onto other generations. If the cure is to name and shame the irresponsible then let it be. These men are giving a bad name to good fathers, the responsible ones. When you see your peers spending time with their children where do you say yours are?

What a pity that this is only going to occur only within the 16 days of activism for non-violence against women and children. Men should stop thinking that violence and abuse is only physical, financial deprivation is also a form of abuse.

What happened to the protectors, the providers, men of honour?

Those are the fathers who know what their role is and want to mould their children into well-balanced individuals. Fathers take your roles and be the men and fathers you were designed to be.

Do you think it’s right for non-payers to be named and shamed?

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