Paying your first grader for chores?
Should pocket money be linked to chores? And do star charts really work?
Parent24 sprogblogger, Lynda, shared her thoughts with us on whether or not she should start getting her 6 year old to start doing chores. After being very successful with using a star chart for her daughter when she was younger, she questions whether or not she should implement this strategy again.

'I'm the first to understand that grade 1 can be a huge adjustment but I also think she's now getting big enough to start taking responsibility and not just slacking off. What do you think? And is it time to start introducing chores yet?'

Her fellow bloggers gave her their varied input and this what a few of them had to say.

'We use the chart very effectively for my Grade 1 son. He gets R5 for every chore he does, or for good behaviour. His chores are putting clothes in the washing basket, making the bed, making and clearing the table, feeding the dog and cats, helping DH clean the pool and pick up dog poo. Some days he makes a fortune, some days he loses money (for being rude, throwing tantrums, etc.)'
- Hopeful Mom

'I don't link pocket money to chores, but maybe I should have. I find it quite difficult to enforce them, so I agree with your plan to start early.'
- Parent24ed

'They are never to young to help with chores. My 4 year old helps lay the table. We don't give pocket money, but they all chip in and help around the house,just way of life (we don't have a maid). We did start a star chart for tuck shop money on Fridays, R1 per day so they get R5 on a Friday if they have towed the line all week.'
- Deblet

'Mine get pocket money every week - not linked to anything other than teaching them about money and saving. I don't buy toys etc. except for birthdays and Xmas so they have to fund other purchases during the year themselves. They have certain chores in the mornings and evenings purely to make sure they don't end up spoilt as we do have a full time domestic.'
- Durban Diva

'Star charts work but you have to keep enforcing and reminding. We change the chores around monthly to keep it exciting. We also included a "you-day" where the entire family must do what you want to do (eg. daughter=hiking son=fishing). But this depends on whether or not you had majority stars which then qualifies you for your "you-day".
- Chauna

If you'd like to read the rest of the comments on this topic, see Lynda's blog, The wonder of Star Charts.

What is your opinion on star charts, chores and pocket money?

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