Reader's Letters: Being a single father
A Parent24 reader has shares his experiences and thoughts with being a single father.
A Parent24 shares his experiences and thoughts around being a single father.

"I never expected to become a single parent to my children, aged 15 and 11 respectively. Their mother walked out on us in February 2010 and has subsequently started a new family, in an adulterous relationship.  

"I was once active in road running, cycling, feeding the poor, street chanting and just being a happy person. These days, I am tired, sick and basically dying by force. I am trying to support my children in every way possible, but sadly their mother has gone underground, with regards to child maintenance, natural mother contact and any other maternal duties. 

"The DOJ, the child courts and the SA Law has failed my two children. They are so strong, when I am sick they bring out my strength.

"There are enough neglected children in this world and never did I dream that one day my children would be rejected by their mother, their family and even our congregation.

"Since the day my wife left, I remain in abstinence and celibacy. I guess I married her, but she was never my wife."

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