"The money I earn is OURS": Our readers respond to sharing half their salary with their partners
After publishing an opinion piece in which a recently married, first-time dad explained why his stay-at-home partner deserves half his salary, our readers responded with rather positive and heartwarming stories of their own.

“So, I've given this post a lot of thought, and personally feel that if a woman chooses to looks after a man's child while he's at work, and she looks after the domestic front (cooking, cleaning, shopping, etc.) that she should be entitled to up to half his income,” explained South African-born entrepreneur Nazeem Dollie, in an article we recently published on the site.

Nazeem, who recently married his wife, Anna Ragozina, and had his first child, explains just how important the role of the mother is in maintaining a loving and peaceful home, providing physical, emotional and psychological support for their child and suggesting that one must be highly qualified to carry out all the responsibilities of a mother. He even argues that considering the kind of work a mother does – that can also only be done by her in the case of breastfeeding – that “the remuneration has to be exceptionally high.”

He continues, “It's also time consuming and labour intensive, which requires a higher pay class.”

We asked our readers what they thought of Nazeem’s opinion piece and most responses were, as expected, encouraging and sweet, while in some instances others were more brutal. Here’s what you had to say:

“Then she can pay half my bills”

“The money I earn is OURS”

Niyi continues, "It was a conscious agreement we had when we got married. I was giving her a monthly income and she did her fashion designing business within the compound. So the kids always had someone around to share their challenges and experiences. We never allowed the moral and upbringing of our kids to be left to the teacher, at school, alone."

And Carel de Jager responded, explaining what made for their successful 43 years of marriage:

"It's 2018, buddy"

“We should hold stay-at-home parents in high esteem”

Amanda continues, "...my job does entail being responsible for everything, from the children and dogs to school runs, shopping, chores, cooking/meal plan or prep, doctor's appointments, admin, dry cleaners... the list is pretty endless. I can agree with Nazeem’s opinion. In business, you don’t work/provide free services, so why should anyone in role of stay-at-home parent be different (male or female)?"

She continues, "We should value or hold stay-at-home parents without any domestic help in high esteem, it’s hardly a walk in the park!"

How do you feel about Nazeem's view of sharing half his salary with his wife, a stay-at-home mom? Tell us by emailing chatback@parent24.com and we may publish your comments.

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