Women, please check for cervical cancer: This is how

Cervical cancer is the second leading cause of female cancer in South Africa.


Screen time may be physically damaging kids' brains, study reveals

A study on the associations between screen-based media use and brain white matter integrity in preschool-aged children has a scary revelation.


Worried about your child depending on energy drinks during exams? You should be

Children are getting more sugar from what they drink than eat, and energy drinks have been identified as the main culprit.


A reader shares his experience growing up with a narcissistic mother

"I hope that sharing my experience helps others draw the strength that they need to change their own circumstances."


Is using cannabis in front of children harmful or not?

What do we know today about the effects of cannabis use on the ability of mothers and fathers to respond sensitively and appropriately to the needs of their children?


31 ways you can make load-shedding easier on your family

Load-shedding and power outages are becoming part of our lives now. Read our useful tips to minimise inconvenience.


Children and trauma: when bad stuff happens

Just how much does trauma affect children, and what should we as parents do to help?


Help! My child’s going under anesthesia and I don't know what to expect

You wouldn't be human if you didn’t have a mountain of questions. Medical professional Dr Clover-Ann Lee answers your FAQs about children and anaesthesia.


When doctors and parents disagree on how to treat a sick child the emotional and financial costs can be huge

At the heart of such cases is a breakdown in communication between the clinicians and the family about what is in the child’s best interests – so the law intervenes when relationships fail.


'You just have to try harder': How to recognise a narcissistic parent

The ripple effect of the parental influence becomes that much more complicated when coupled with a mental heath condition like Narcissistic personality disorder. Parent24 spoke with local Psychoanalyst Enzo Sinisi about the condition and its impact on parenting.


Mental health conditions in children: A parent's guide

Many parents tend to blame themselves for their children’s mental health problems however, the reality is that there’s no single definitive cause.


Malicious bots and trolls spread vaccine misinformation – now social media companies are fighting back

At least half of parents of young children report having encountered negative messages about vaccines on social media. Now platforms are developing strategies to address anti-vaccine bots.


Do you know how dirty your baby's cot is?

"...our beds are an ideal breeding ground for germs, housing between 4-16 different species of fungi at any one time." Read this before you drench your baby or cot mattress in bleach!


Mom, is your backache killing you? Here's what might be the cause...

After two years of unexplained back pain, this mom found others with the same complaint – and then realised what it could be.


Mutant sheep bred to fight lethal childhood brain diseases

Genetically modified sheep are on the front lines in the war on brain diseases.


Parents’ drug, alcohol and tobacco use negatively impacts all areas of child well-being – new study

Given that large numbers of children may be affected by parental substance use, this is an important public health challenge. Particularly given that we know that poor well-being in childhood can impact later life too.


'Burns are not only related to fire' - The top 10 ways to prevent burns in children according to ChildSafe

'Scalding from boiling or very hot liquids occur more frequently than fire-related burns but these injuries can be averted with extra vigilance and monitoring from parents.'


'It’s still taboo': Parenting with a mental illness

"In her lower moments she still worries that she’s not good enough for her children, and that they’d be better off with someone else"


Is bedtime a battle? Children are now being diagnosed with insomnia disorders

There is no single cause of child sleep problems. But these children commonly share high levels of anxiety around bedtime.


What’s the scoop on kids and dirt?

Get enough to help, but not enough to hurt, a doctor advises. Turns out, kids may need more exposure to dirt and microbes than previously thought.


This 7-year-old's creative response to his mother's illness will make your heart melt

When Noah's mother was diagnosed with cancer, he came up with an idea to express his grief. And now his idea is raising funds for cancer research.


Why parents should fear measles, not the vaccine

"Measles is not trivial. It is distressing at best and life-threatening at worst. Parents should fear it." David Scheifele a Canadian infection specialist gives parents the reasons why they should vaccinate their children against measles.


Boksburg mom receives shock cancer diagnosis shortly after having triplets: ‘I didn’t know how I’d cope’

Maritza was just coming to terms with motherhood when she received the shock diagnosis: stage 3 breast cancer.
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