'Ouch!': Should I be worried if my child has pain in his tummy?

Your child has pain in their side or in their general gut area. But why? Where did it come from? And should you be worried?


Are parents drinking too much while at home with their children in lockdown?

"We live opposite a liquor store. I've never seen it so busy."


Lower your panic levels with this free Covid-19 online assessment test

Minimise your stress levels over your children's (or your own) coughs and sneezes and take this online test.


PODCAST | ASK A DOCTOR: Dr Bosch explains lockdown, and shares her tips for families

Dr Carol Bosch unpacks the various considerations around the impending national lockdown.


These four Covid-19 myths are doing the rounds

From the day the first case of Covid - 19 was announced, there has been fake news that spread like wild fire.


'I can't say that you won't get it': Dr Bosch answers parent's coronavirus questions

"It isn't guaranteed the whole family will get it, but it is extremely likely." Dr Bosch answers readers questions.


WATCH: Pediatrician-recommended tips for protecting your family from coronavirus

With the number of confirmed coronavirus cases increasing in SA, it’s important to take steps to keep your kids informed, safe and prepared.


PODCAST | ASK A DOCTOR: Dr Bosch explains social distancing vs self-isolating as a family

Dr Bosch also touches on playdates, grandparents, family hygiene and whether to go to the park or not, among other relevant topics.


Tapping: a great way to help kids deal with anxiety

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted nearly every aspect of our lives, and dealing with the stress and anxiety caused may have left you wondering about the best ways to put yourself and your children at ease. In addition to talking it out, you might also want to try the Tapping Solution.


What to do, and not to do, if you suspect you might have Covid-19

Follow these simple steps to use healthcare resources responsibly and appropriately, and to protect others from infection.


Your family and Covid-19: Parent24 has you covered

Parent24 has compiled a shortcut to finding all you need to know about the coronavirus.


You may need to keep your kids away from playgrounds these school holidays

According to one study (that has yet to be evaluated by peer review), coronavirus lasts "on copper for up to 4 hours, on cardboard up to 24 hours and on plastic and stainless steel up to 2 to 3 days."


Coronavirus: Are imported baby goods safe for my family?

WHO says the likelihood of an infected person contaminating commercial goods is low.


Half of South Africans with flu require hospitalisation and other facts about influenza

"Influenza is a serious and too-often risky infection, more so than many people believe."


What to tell your kids about coronavirus, and how to help them stay safe

A few useful resources parents can use when talking to their kids about coronavirus.


PODCAST | ASK A DOCTOR: Nutrition, and if you should worry about what your kids eat

Listen as Dr Bosch and Parent24 editor Elizabeth Mamacos chat about childhood nutrition.


PODCAST | ASK A DOCTOR: Working moms, and when it becomes too much

Listen as Dr Bosch and Parent24 editor Elizabeth Mamacos chat about being working moms.


PODCAST | ASK A DOCTOR: Dr Google, and when you should actually panic

Listen as Dr Bosch and Parent24 editor Elizabeth Mamacos chat about Dr Google.


PODCAST | ASK A DOCTOR: Vaccinations, and other ways to keep your kids healthy

Listen as Dr Bosch and Parent24 editor Elizabeth Mamacos chat about vaccinations.
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