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To show just how effective Ambi Pur is at completely eliminating pungent smells from your home, they set up an experiment in a glass box. Read what happened.
Ambi Pur


South Africans feel that a fresh smelling home is an indication of a home that is well taken care of. So says Pieter Hommez of Ambi Pur, the well-known air freshener brand that recently conducted a national survey. 

The survey results indicated that we consider a home's worst smells to be those emanating from toilets and nappies, the garbage bin, smelly foods (especially fish), cigarette smoke, pets and mouldy damp.

Living with these odours can significantly affect our lifestyle and quality of life, and trying to mask the smell with strong air fresheners can only make the problem worse – and it's a temporary solution anyway. 

So Ambi Pur created a fun experiment at the recent Taste Of Joburg festival to show how its range truly eliminates even the worst household smells, leaving behind a subtle, fresh fragrance, turning homes from #SmellytoSmiley. 

They constructed a glass house and invited celeb chef Benny Masekwameng to cook up a storm inside – yes, there was fish and a smelly garbage bin in the corner.

Ambi Pur

When Benny was finished, guests eagerly looked on as Pieter sprayed the glass house with Ambi Pur. 

Then came the experiment: Benny was blindfolded and asked to sniff and identify the contents of a container. Big was his surprise to find out what he thought was "citrus, flowers and summer fruits" was in fact two raw fish!

Ambi Pur  Ambi Pur

Leanne Manas had a good giggle. "For Chef Benny’s sake, I was particularly relieved that Ambi Pur worked so well, after seeing what he had been sniffing so eagerly!" She added, "The fragrance and aroma was subtle and not overpowering at all."

Said Chef Benny: "Restaurants spend a lot of money incorporating certain materials and fabrics that don’t retain the odours left behind by the food they cook. It’s great to know there is a product for everyday consumers that works this well at a fraction of the price."

This experiment was a great way to show just how effective Ambi-Pur's superior odour-eliminating technology is without overpowering everyone in the room, to turn you house from #SmellytoSmiley.

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