A mom of two loses tons of weight and combats her mental illness while at it
Her extreme anxiety caused her to start comfort eating, which left her feeling even more dejected.
PHOTO: Magazine Features

Meet the inspiring mom of two who broke her vicious cycle of mental illness by losing 44 kg in just 10 months – and dramatically changing her life.

Abigail Broell from Iowa in the US spent most of her teenage years severely depressed. Her extreme anxiety caused her to start comfort eating, which left the young girl feeling even more dejected.

“I’ve dealt with severe depression and anxiety for most of my life until I changed my lifestyle,” Abigail says. “I found myself in a vicious cycle of binging because I was depressed, then feeling worse because I binged, and repeat.”

The cycle continued for years until the 26-year-old reached her peak weight of 108 kg.

That’s when she decided to change her lifestyle. She now weighs 63 kg. 

“I did beginner home workouts or walking. I increased my water intake. I made visuals and set goals for myself; I was extremely consistent and didn’t falter,” she says.

Abigail used the internet and social media to keep herself motivated and accountable.

“I taught myself correct form and learnt new exercises. I stopped giving myself excuses,” she says.

Making this dramatic change has left the businesswoman with a new lease of life and she now sees herself in a completely new light.

“I love the woman I am and the woman I’m becoming,” she says.

Abigail, who’d eat junk food all day, has now developed a healthier routine – she simply munches on lean protein, vegetables and fruit. 

Abigail encourages women to cloud their minds with motivation, inspiration and encouragement every day.

“Stay focused on your goals and remind yourself why they’re important to you every single day.

“It will always be you versus you. Only you get to decide how successful you’ll be,” she says. 

-Magazine Features

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