To snip or not to snip? Our readers respond to the circumcision debate
Our readers shared their thoughts, opinions and experiences – no holds barred – on whether it's wisest to snip or not.

Whether religious or medical, circumcision is a much debated topic, as evidence by Parent24’s recently published To snip or not to snip: medical circumcision and a mother's guilt.

From the appalled to the encouraging, see what our readers had to say about the procedure: 

"Scared to do this" 

"The only time one should consider it is if it's a medical issue"

When my son was born we chose not to circumcise as his father wasn't and even though I was Jewish, I felt that it was a violation.

Four years down the line we ended up having him circumcised due to a number of infections.

Looking back on it I am still happy with our original decision not to circumcise and feel that the only time one should consider it is if it's a medical issue. 

– CL

"Left it for my son to make a decision"

"I had my boys' done the Muslim way" 

"No, do not do it!"

I have recently read the article regarding circumcision, and the first thing that popped into my head is "No, do not do it!" 

I am a 27 year old homosexual male and not snipped. The topic of "cut or uncut" often goes around in conversations over a glass of wine which is always very interesting to me.

One of the things that I always notice in these conversations is that every guy, regardless of foreskin or not, is used to the way their own penis feels and looks.

I do not know what it is like to be circumcised and so does the other guy not know what it is like not being circumcised.

I have met a few guys who say they wish that their parents however had not made the decision in circumcising them (for various reasons one can leave to the imagination).

Some people might say that is cleaner to be circumcised and others, like myself, would say that I am very hygienic especially in that region. 

So to the mom who did not know if she should snip or not, I would say to not proceed with it (unless it has to be done for medical reasons).

Your son might just enjoy it more than you will ever understand. I am very happy with mine and ever so thankful. 

– ES

"The medical view re HIV" 

"I also didn't know which was the better option"

When my only child, my son was born, I also didn't know which was the better option.

My husband was not circumcised but my father was. I asked them both what to do.

Both of them said ‘No, just leave it alone,’ and when he's bathing make sure you wash it very well. You must pull back the foreskin when you bath him. 

Today he is nearly 38 and is all good. No problems. 

– AM

"We need to respect everyone's choices"

"He would scream in pain that the neighbours would hear him"

I am mom to a daughter and two boys. My older son, now 14, had no reason to be circumcised.

However, my 4-year-old developed some infection that made it red and sore. He often complained about his penis, and he was always pulling and complaining about it.

So we decided to have it done. He was not afraid at all - that was until the procedure was done and we had to take him home. Then the nightmare began.

He was in terrible pain, and bath-time was dreadful. He had to soak in the bath until the bandage came off. Which it did not.

He would scream in pain that the neighbours would hear him. I felt so guilty. He would ask me why I did this to him.

He hated the blue “panties” the hospital gave him to wear. Sometimes he would walk around the house like Adam! 

Several days and the bandage did not come off. I had to snip here and there while in the water to get at it.

How could they put a sticky bandage on! Eventually it all came off and the healing began. It was only after a couple of weeks that he was “normal again.”

Now we have no more issues. I advise parents, if it is absolutely necessary, then do it. Otherwise save your kid and yourself the trauma.

– C, KZN

"It's much more hygienic" 

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