Worms? Don't squirm, read this!
It's very important to deworm your kids now that they're back at school.
While most people think they are immune to worms, 1 in 2 children may be affected1. From playing with pets, to the food they eat, they are constantly at risk.

Three hundred million are severely ill due to worms and of those, at least 50% are school-age children2.

How do worms affect my child?

Intestinal worms lead to complications such as bowel obstruction, anaemia and loss of appetite3. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), worm infections in children stunt growth and intellectual development and are often linked to attention deficits and learning disabilities4.

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How can I tell if my child has worms?

A child with worms may have no symptoms, or non-specific symptoms such as coughing, loss of appetite and diarrhoea4. Ask your health-care professional for more information on symptoms, as these depend on the type of worms and the intensity of the infections. The symptoms are not always obvious, so it is recommended to treat with Vermox® preventatively.

How might my family and I get worms?

They can spread to new hosts in a variety of ways, including through contaminated water, air, pets and even door handles. Worm eggs can adhere to clothing and bed linen and contaminated hands. Worm eggs can be picked up from pet fur. Worm eggs are tiny enough to enter our bodies when we breathe in. Worm eggs live on raw meat or fruit and vegetables that haven’t been rinsed properly. Worms can be spread by walking barefoot on contaminated soil.

So deworm your family every six months5 with Vermox® South Africa’s No. 1 deworming solution6. It’s known to kill all common types of worms and is suitable for adults and children over the age of 1.

Why use Vermox®, the market leader in deworming6?

  • Vermox® is a Mebendazole containing product that can be used for children aged 1-year-old and up, as well as the whole family.
  • Vermox® has a range of deworming products in tablet and suspension, single and multiple dose format.
  • Vermox® has banana and chocolate-flavoured suspensions – great for kids!
  • Vermox® works to disintegrate worms so there is no passing of dead worms.

Speak to your pharmacist about the Vermox® solution for you.


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S1 VERMOX® Suspension. Each 5 ml suspension contains 100 mg Mebendazole Polymorph C. Reg. No.K/12/206.   VERMOX® 100 mg tablets. Each tablet contains 100 mg Mebendazole Polymorph C. Reg. No. G/12/105.   VERMOX® SD Suspension. Each bottle (10 ml suspension) contains 500 mg Mebendazole Polymorph C. Reg. No. 34/12/0058.   VERMOX® 500 mg tablets. Each tablet contains 500 mg Mebendazole Polymorph C. Reg. No. W/12/42. For full prescribing information, refer to the package insert approved by the Medicines Control Council. 

®Trademark © Johnson & Johnson (Pty) Ltd 2016. ZA/VE/15-0398g.

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