Would you get a preventive double mastectomy? Celeb mom Nina Garcia opens up
Did you get a preventive double mastectomy or are you thinking about getting one? Email and tell us your story or vote below.
Nina Garcia on the cover of FIT's Hue magazine. (Instagram)

In 2015, because of her family history, Elle editor and mom of two, Nina Garcia, decided to get tested to check for mutations to the BRCA genes that indicate a higer risk of breast and ovarian cancer. She tested positive and labelled the period ever since as the “battle of the boobs”.

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But after several biopsies, two lumpectomies and the constant worry of “Is today the day I will get cancer?”, the mother of two made the courageous decision to get a preventive double mastectomy.

“Am I scared? Yes. Am I relieved? Yes. Am I making the right choice? Absolutely,” she wrote in an article recently published in Elle.

Even though she knew it’s going to take some time to recover, she'd definitely be missing Fashion Week for the first time in 25 years, and she worried about how her family – her kids – would cope, “the answer was clear,” she wrote.

No more scary thoughts and a life free of worry about this, at least) – that’s the future Nina is choosing… Would you?

Of course, it’s not that simple. For many women, me included, our breasts are part of our femininity – they even make us feel beautiful and confident. And even if you don’t have that sort of symbolic relationship with them, losing them could feel like losing a part of yourself – literally.

If you’re a mom, or you’d like to become a mom one day, you can’t help but wonder about your kids. How will you breastfeed? How will you provide your child with breastmilk, because everyone keeps telling you breast is best?

But… what about you and your life? Wouldn't you want to stick around for a little longer for your children's sake?

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Would you get a preventive double mastectomy? Email and tell us your story or vote below.

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