12 moms who are really, really mean
As a parent you've probably been the meanie far too often. Here is a round-up of the world meanest parents... according to Twitter and Instagram.

1. Mean moms will probably end up in a diary.

2. Mean moms know resistance is futile. 

3. Mean moms curb phone time.

#meanmom strikes again. I wouldn't let him have my phone. ??

A photo posted by Rachel Ponder (@_rachel88) on

4. Mean moms know just how to punish their kids if they won’t stop fighting. 

Cinderella ?? Making costumes is so fun ?????? he hates me I'm sure of it ???? #meanmom #humanmannequin

A photo posted by Melody Walsh (@melodywalsh) on

6. Mean moms keep kids well nourished. 

11. Mean moms care about your health. 

12. Mean moms help with school work.

What are some of the meanest things you've been accused of by your kids? Email us your comments, stories, photos and videos to chatback@parent24.com

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